Текст песни Good Luck With That - Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen

My boss thinks he knows it all
He's a certified S.O.B
No matter how hard I try
He never lets up on me
A dose of his own medicine
Sure would serve him well
But I walk in tomorrow morning
And tell him he can go to hell

Good luck with that
As a matter of fact
I've been down that road before
And I ain't going back
Don't get mad
I just have to speak my mind
Don't waste your time
Or forget your hat
Cause good luck with that

Told my baby I was heading out
And meeting Doug down at the bar
She knows when we get together
We've been known to take it to far
She asked me when I'd be home
I said don't wait up on me
Cause I am the man of the house
And I can do as I please

So we sat down to write this song
You outta make everyone sing-a-long
No way how we could be better
It's going to be the best song ever