Текст песни Past the Wudz Intro - Denzel Curry (Ft. Big Rube)

  • Исполнитель: Denzel CurryBig Rube

  • Альбом: Planet Shrooms

  • Дата выпуска: 2015-06-06

2055, behold when ye are into the city
There shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water
Follow him into the house where he has enter you
I walk alone
I welcome you

Flirting with death seems like the biggest infidelity
Darker the skin on the ebony, in Liberty City the weaponry
Has taken out one of my niggas Tiara Grant was the name
Fo' shot up in the corridors, ended up slain
Up in the C9 live in this region, LSD in the cube
Multiply it to the third power, now it's changing my view
Black and white world stinks, that Pepé Le Pew
Should I ask God himself "What's this opposite you?"
If Lucifer out there, are you after me too
And if I'm not allowed into heaven, would you rapture my crew? Snooze, catching Z's look forgot to cop a plea
But as far as god goes, I would say god is deceased
Wait, I would say god is in me
Jealously turns into murder cause some pride is vanity
Ego 'come Yeezy therefore insanity
Catch my thoughts into the seas let them swim with manatees
2055, mine is finally out the freezer
Welcome back as King Diamond with a new gat that's green
Fresh out the institution that arrived at the zone three
But I chose a different terminal in the eyes of the merciful
Who murder fools, who get trapped inside a maze
Now something is unusual, like Keanu Reeves cubicle
A Matrix, invasion until I'm rapping whole and take tricks
Forsaken with these lead bullets she laced with
Was taken from from existence left with Jason
The future I look upon with amazement
Is just a trick with a face lift, Pissing on these peons as a hate gift

I'm shroomed out

The matter is grey, not simply black or white
Left or right the true path is opaque and vicious ?
The future is embued with golden anticipation
Faith like time never moving in a straight line
The arc of destiny stretching out like a rainbow through the cosmos
40 years can pass by in the blink of an eye
Did I truly live life or simply ride the sands as they tumbled through the hour glass
Holding on the fine moments is like grasping water
Always there, yet always slipping away
Lusting for more than we need
Leading to the greed of acquisition
And the gluttony of position
A future that feels far but all too close
One that could be sublime if we didn't fall behind in the times from our refinement of the mind
The state of my people is altered but my faith is completely unfaltered