Текст песни P S Y C H O - Cry Medusa. 🐍

  • Исполнитель: Cry Medusa. 🐍

  • Альбом: cvrsed. Jurel is dead.

  • Дата выпуска: 2017-02-27

Why you wanna be like this, You cannot be; So do not try to see like this
You could never believe me, I swear, I'm that demon in a maze who cannot think so clear
Really need a nigga to deceive their peers; Bring me everything they got, I'm finna sink this year
Funny that you really think I "need" and "care"
I do not need anything but some feast and fears

Aye, get the fuck away from me
Why did you even begin to think you could ride my wave, demi
Stay in yo' place demi, this is not a game
This is not anything that you could've hoped to tame nigga
Praise, Praise, Praise, but don't praise my rightful name
Bitch I am yo god, nigga learn the way to say, eh
Stay in your shame and I'll raid with my rage
I place AK to face and spray; Let your face stain and gauge