Текст песни Juice WRLD Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #050 - Juice WRLD

  • Исполнитель: Juice WRLD

  • Альбом: LA Leakers Freestyles

  • Дата выпуска: 2018-07-25

'Cause a n- got gold
Extraordinary swag, a mouth full of gold, uh
Yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh
Off the dome, don't write it, these other rappers writin'
They prob'ly got writers, my flow so exciting
Like the Buddha, it's enlightened, I'm feelin' so entitled
I could swear on your bitch titties, same as the Bible
Pull up with a rifle, on barrel like the Eiffel, huh
Hell yeah I shoot 'em both, I'm indecisive, uh
I'ma fuck ya if I want it 'cause I like it, uh
I'm a Yachty with this shit 'cause I "One Night" her, ayy
One night her, lean up in the apple cider
Run up on me, I'ma kill 'em, bullets poison like a viper
Boy I'm fly off the drugs, feel like I got superpowers
Ayy, your bitch wet as fuck, get the fuck up out that shower, uh
Off a perc, he fuck for a hour, uh
Fuck for another, now after thirty the hour's up
.30 on me too, hell yeah it'll bust
Sicken niggas, what I nickname my gun? Robitussin
I ain't with the firin' shit, I ain't with the tusslin'
Ted Cruz when I'm flexin', I don't move a muscle
Niggas talkin' stupid 'til I pull up with the duffle
He don't want no trouble, droppin' bombs like truffles
That's a shroom head
I'm off shrooms, goddammit, I'm a shroom head
It is dirt in my closet, get the broom, yeah
And that bitch suckin', yeah, she all on my head
Oh my goodness, my flow god
I need a goddess, oh my god
Run up on me, cool, that chopper on me like a extra arm
I'm super armed, that forty stick on me like a lucky charm
These niggas talkin' stupid, boy they need God
I'm just being honest like Future
Wait 'til I make my own beats, I'ma be a rockstar and then producer
Niggas fake as fuck like some optical illusions
Pull up on 'em like Nike, check 'em, yeah I just do it
Pull up, hell yeah, have 'em leakin' body fluids
Juice WRLD, 999 bitch, it's a movement
Ain't nothin' to it but to do it, I'ma do it
Pull up on the scene, I'ma prove it, I'ma prove it
Takin' Ws all day and he losin'
And that's your main thing? Goddammit, she choosin'
I don't want to fuck her, I just want the neck, no disrespect
Pull up on 'em, chopper like a referee, get a tech
All my niggas ballin' super hard but we don't need no ref
Boy I feel like Breaking Bad, I go broke sellin' crystal meth
Uh, I intercept, take the pass, uh
Puff, puff, pass when I'm smokin' grass, uh
Disrespect the gang, then we on ya ass
We gon' leave a pussy leakin', Maxipad
Harder than a nigga tryin' to catch taxi cab
Call of Duty with the gun, that's the lag, uh, ayy
Aftermath, beat his ass after class, add the money
That's the aftermath from the aftermath
Not the original math, nah, that's the math after that
Niggas want to freestyle? I could do it, battle rap
Feel like Shaquille O'Neal up in the fourth, I rim rattle that
Your nigga a snitch, he a pussy, he a tattle cat
I don't got no time for this shit, uh, throw a penny on
Got no dimes for this shit
Uh, off the dome, I'ma lose my mind on this shit, uh
Stevie Wonder, I'ma rob you blind on that shit, uh
That's your bitch, I may just get behind that little bitch, uh
Chiropractor, yeah, I hit her spine in that shit, uh
Run up, that's okay, that chopper ironin' that shit, uh
Nine on me, uh
Transform into a K, Optimus Prime on me, uh, ay
They done- haha