Текст песни Luvpoems - Danny Watts (Ft. Stanley Ipkuss)

| Danny Watts |

Bloody wrists trickle to the floor ;
Overly adored mortal girl full of flaws, that I completely ignored ;
Pedestals placed, I'm a peasant on pace ;
To place patience on wait for a glimpse of your waist ;
Well, beneath it at least ;
Like adhesive, i need you to seek allegiance to my being through every sequence in secret ;
And I've panned them all ;
I'm fortunate to understand that forestry is more than trees & waterfalls ;
I'd like to recite these writings inside your psyche ;
But it's likely that i'll stumble igniting demons inside me ;
The perfect type of confiding is dying within my writing ;
And letting you read the lines while you cry inside of your iris ;
I'm laying lifeless as the words echo through all the silence ;
Emotion force you too see me when your closing your eyelids ;
This type of violence was something that really had to be ;
'Cuz love is less of a blessing and more like a catastrophe ;
Actual havoc that's painted with beautiful magic ;
Enigmatic lessons that forced us into a chasm ;
Latch to these words as if you never heard ;
Something so absurd where the lines love and death are blurred ;
I can't imagine the implications of leaving you ;
I'm very sure you've grown keen to me seeking you ;
Binding cohesive will lead you to what I see as truth ;
So as you read these lyrics take heed to reasons I leave with you ;

| Stanley Ipkuss |

As the paint's dripping to the floor ;
I scribble and adore ;
All the things that come to mind, I swear there's little to ignore ;
Throughout my music you became a riddle in my scores ;
Can't believe when you get brought up its still kindles of the sores ;
Well..it's not that hard to understand why ;
Some people can get their hands tied then left disenfranchised ;
It seems you can't buy when it comes to me and you ;
I'm hoping you stand by and focus to see the truth ;
Coping with landslides and smoking on reefa too ;
Soaking in our past lives proposing what we should do ;
And even if I'm on the brink I suppose... ;
I reminisce on how your soft hugs would wrinkle my clothes ;
And I...sink to a low when I think about your absence ;
Confessing our love in a brief amount of actions ;
Soaring like doves in a sea of clouded captions ;
Intimate imprints, creases on my mattress ;
Seeking for balance but what do I find? ;
This happens to the rations that troubles my mind ;
Even when spoken in past tense it doubles our time ;
So its better if the both of us keep subtle with ties ;
Lovable lies come off the lips, from the two of us ;
Thinking I can't get a grip, I'm hoping to loosen up ;
I guess the root of trust is bright when its shown ;
As for my sight I guess this lights helping me write these love poems ;
Yea..helping me write these love poems ;