Текст песни My Last Hope - Little MASE

  • Исполнитель: Little MASE

  • Дата выпуска: 2014-04-29

(Verse 1)
This ain't my last hope I'm past dope I'll lasso
The whole fucking game snuff the lame's and the wack folk
Who act so impactful but actually suck dick
You fuck with this tough kid end up with a slashed throat

Cause I'm a asshole a prick and a doucebag
The type of motherfucker to complain that you use lag
When I flipped the switch and then switched the script
Because your just a bitch it ain't hard to deduce fag

I straight abuse slang according to my slut ex
A Roughneck with Shaq Fu a smack to you's up next
I know I've got skills man I know I've got skills
If you've gotta tell us that shit we know your not ill

Watch as Soda Pop spills out my heart and my Two Bits
Was used as a Ponyboy but came out it too swift
Felt useless but used it to boost this kid right up
I might bluff but fight tough with tactical knifes cut

(Hook x2)
I'm not one to be cocky but I ain't bashful
Apollo vs Rocky if you've got me in a battle
My coldest 16's are still hotter than tabasco
So this isn't my last hope it ain't even a hassle

(Verse 2)
This ain't my last hope my ass could use the cash though
To fill the tank with gas pick up Passion and smash shows
Don't grasp dough not banking, that hoes hot but skanking
I'll pass on her fly ass and work on my fast flow

That's not the past bro that's nearly every damn week
Working 30 hours if my body don't demand sleep
In one sitting get hard hitting bars written
Then start pitching them at artists with a far vision

Get targeted by me you'll leave with scars stiches
Large vicious guard pigeons finches and ostriches
Thinking their macaws and just waiting to hear arrr get em
You can have the birds I'll take this work and disregard women

At least for now because I'm smart with this life that I've got
Up writing allot preparing for my fight to the top
Was drafted and sent to war with just a knife and a Glock
But got a sniper rifle bitch and I'm precise with the shot

(Hook x2)