Текст песни Triple Trouble WITH LYRICS | Sonic.exe mod Cover | - MaimyMayo (Ft. Cryptidcalico, Juno Songs & Supergoku31)

UGH! Why don't you LOSE?!

I must follow orders
Get stronger, fighting through the horror
I've learned to be this puppet for the monster
We wouldn't hurt you
But if he wants me to, then I just might

Wait so you don't wanna?
Then are you really gonna try this?
I wouldn't want to
Beat someone that doesn't wanna beat me
Tell me more, I'll get you out of this fight

We could never take him
For an eternity I'm stuck in one spot
I was too slow, and you'll be too
If you let yourself fall here
You won't die at his hands...

Don't know unless you try
Before you even knew it, you could go and fly
How hard could it be to take him on?
Show him he can't control you anymore

His control is the reason I'm undead
Without it I'm just a corpse without life
I wanted to fly high, wanted to be like him
But now we're all in the worst state we've ever been

Oh dear..
Stuck with a mission
Spread the pain to others
What a horrible life to be leading
You were only learning how to be a hero
But then villains come to take their prize...

Tails.exe & Boyfriend
T: Snap out of it Tails, conquer your fear
T: Show you the one who brought me out here
T: You'll make him regret being so near
T: You'll make sure that everything's so clear
B: Snap out of it Tails, conquer your fear
B: Show me the one who brought you out here
B: I'll make him regret being so near
B: I'll make sure that everything's so clear
T: I'll be the one who helps defeat him
T: I'll be the first who doesn't need him
T: This time I could actually beat him
T: So let you help me, let you see him
B: You'll be the one who helps defeat him
B: You'll be the first who doesn't need him
B: This time you could actually beat him
B: So let me help you, let me see him

T: "Hey buddy, do you wanna play a game?"
T: "Just like old times,"
T: but now nothing feels the same
T: Thought that I was in for something good
T: Not horror, now
T: he controls every action I can take, his will
B: Seems like he wasn't lying that he had some power
B: Tricked you into thinking he was your friend
B: That's so cruel, and after every zone
B: Lost his cool, and took you as his own

T: Now I know, that I have to make the change
T: "I'm not Sonic", everything was so strange
T: You couldn't imagine all the pain I went through
T: Thought I was adventurous
T: but ended up just being foolish
T: Now I see
B: Seeing nightmares flash before your face
B: you gave in
B: Got manipulated by someone
B: who wore the face of a friend
B: And then and there you met your end
B: In the air, to him your aid you lent

T: Inching nearer, ran away
T: Not fast enough, grabbed my leg
T: Wretched things he did to me, now I'm like this
T: Wanna be trusted
T: Now we're all disgusted, he had found his prey
T: In me
B: He tricked everyone
B: And he's never done until he gets the kill
B: And he never will
B: What happened to self confidence?
B: What happened to believing?
B: Do you think there's a chance you'll be saved?

T: I don't think there's any hope left
T: In this cold world
T: I will never see the bright light he did
T: It's too late, I couldn't survive
T: To be like him I always strived
T: I just wanted to believe in someone
T: I'm gonna fly real high now, just like I once had
T: Then I'll escape pain
B: How will you ever be like him, if you're like this?
B: He wouldn't consider compromise
B: Even if at demise!
B: You have to stand up for what's right
B: Put up a fight
B: Help me help you and everyone
B: And then we're done
B: Let me at him, won't play friendly
B: 'Cause now things get really deadly
B: Beat him in this medley

Drowning, Drowning, Sinking, Sinking
I will make, you will break, at the hands of a god
Do you still cling to your false hope?
You'll never get out of my scope
Finally ending your dumb tropes
Hanging you by the devil's ropes

Drowning, Drowning, Sinking, Sinking
At the stake, we will take
You away from your throne
You won't get to hurt anymore
Justice will finally be restored
Facing all the danger in store
I'll leave you crawling back for more!

Drowning, Drowning
Sinking, Sinking
Falling down, Underground
All around, we'll throw down!
You'll finally fall, I'll rise above
No chance at all! Have a dream of-
I'm gonna show you some terror
Throw it here, the more the merrier!
Gasping, Gasping
Wheezing, Wheezing
Now for you, to fall through
Misconstrued, face the coup

Xenophanes & Boyfriend
Both: Now it's time to start the story!
Both: Keep you from your former glory!
Both: Be prepared, 'cause you're the quarry!
Both: And on top, your crown is thorny!

So another mirage?
How am I supposed to do this?
I'm gonna call for some sabotage
Somehow, seems he couldn't stop you
For the god of this world, I'll pull through

I was warned about your strength but
Didn't think I'd have to face you
Open up your gaping eyes
And see that I'm trying to save you

How could you through?
No one sees us and lives to tell the tale
Nobody knows, unless they're that one...
I knew him too, was his friend
But all good things come to an end

So you're still there
A fighter trapped in the world of a freak
He made you look so weak
But I can help you out
Bring me back to him
We can show him that the
Both: Evil one will fall

That's a suicide mission
If you fight with him, you could never make it
Especially now that he's changed
He destroys everyone he hates
So beware the
Both: Dangers ahead

Don't tell me you're tricked again
Thinking that you can't
Use your soul to bring an end
To his reign of terror
You're his cross-bearer, so end his errors

Knuckles & Boyfriend
K: Streaking lights, loud sounds, and instinct
K: Are the elements that keep me going
K: We are fighting different missions
K: Nothing's gonna stand in my way
K: Your games won't bring us back to life
K: Nothing can erase all this pain!
K: Every murder darker, so rife
K: Too far gone, and nothing remains
B: Have no more fear!
B: Salvation is near!
B: He won't be able to hurt us anymore!

K: Don't interfere!
K: He's always been here
K: Choosing our path all of the horrors in store
B: Together we can right the wrongs
B: I've beaten him before in song
B: Go onward as this song prolongs
B: It's the start of a brand-new dawn!
B: Don't you want to help everyone?
B: Consider yourself a hero?
B: When all the suffering is done
B: Bringing everything to zero

Both: Although time is short, we can fix it!
Both: He'll distort the truth, but we won't miss it
K: All those lies, saw him a million times, go get 'em!
K: Once was clean of evil spirits
K: Now puppeted through these lyrics
K: Couldn't even tell you what's real
B: We'll see through his lies
B: And no one else will die
B: Work the mind, until I get to face him
B: put an end to his reign
B: Can't win if his army turns against him
B: Why do you think I can't ease your pain?

K: Forever dead, Fire in my head
K: Having some faith that you'll beat him again
K: Every path I walk gets destroyed
K: Cast into servitude, the void
K: At the end of the day, all filled with dread
K: There's a chance that you're the one who lives
K: Though I can't be redeemed, someone else can
K: No matter what he gives
K: You have to follow your plan
K: For you I can't feel
B: There's no shot that we don't win this fight
B: We have the power of three already
B: Ending the endless night
B: And keeping it all steady
B: We won't be concealed
B: All painted red, Hearing what he said
B: I have to take action, and only then
B: Knowing what he's capable of
B: Everywhere I look there's more blood
B: And everyone that stands, cut down like threads

K: The only thing that I can do
K: is bring the demon back to you
K: Win this fight for everyone
K: That found their fate reduced to none
K: We won't be free
K: You can help others, not me
K: Prevent another one from falling to him
K: I will stay, for I'm just a limb
B: Haunting the world
B: A brand new story unfurls
B: Caught up in something I didn't belong in
B: Now I'm rising up to get to him
B: Everyone is counting on me
B: Hearing the murmurs from the sea
B: Get me to him, I'm the key
B: to setting all these lost souls free

Why do you persist?
We both know that fighting me is meaningless so
How should you choose to continue?

You've seen the unrest that's happening
This hellscape of a peaceful place
You made!
I can't let you go on

Hear the screams of thousands of players
Joining in one chorus
Telling you to turn back before
You drop below!
You'll never make it

When I've already faced three of you
I must see it through
I know I'll do it because this has
Happened before!
I see the ending

Here with the Eggman, No more breathing
No more seeing and believing
Close your eyes and say goodnight
For I am coming!
*menacing laughter*

Thought I was done, but there's another
Aren't you the one who made them suffer?
He got two, along with you
But you won't beat me!
*laughs in boyfriend*

Everyone else had fallen down
Took it upon myself to go
Saw nothing but him all around
Now upon you!
*menacing laughter*

Everyone that he's encountered
Forced to join the army of souls
Lived your life, and found more strife
*laughs in boyfriend*

Was it worth it in the end
To be cast aside from my life?
I don't hear anyone saying no
Hold your breath, but it's never alright

Eggman and Boyfriend
E: Just waiting, I've had enough!
B: Once you saw him, filled with fright
B: You contemplated if you're right
B: Got cast into the darkest night
B: And now you're serving him here in this fight

The only one I serve is my own empire!
Building my own army to raise me up higher!

What good is someone that's fallen to their own tricks?
Manipulated you, just like you always did

I am the diamonds, you are the dirt in here
Trying to stop me will make you disappear!

Don't know what you want, let me go back to him
I gotta save the world from impending chaos!

Eggman and Boyfriend
E: I can't let you
E: get away, just like that hedgehog
E: You're just like him!
E: In that old time, I found it fun
E: But the torture had just begun!
E: Nothing left but to face you
B: This isn't a game
B: Why do you play?
B: There's so much more at stake if I
B: don't take action

E: The one with a plan
E: That's what I am!
E: I will succeed, and you will see
E: There is no retreat!
B: Listen to me
B: You're just being used as a toy
B: For his own goal!
B: There's another option, you see
B: Form a new alliance with me
B: Take that monster down for good!

E: Doing this from obligation
E: Though I've caused much devastation
E: I don't want to go on like this
E: Fallen down into the abyss
E: If you beat him, then I'll be impressed
E: For you could pass each of his three tests
E: You're the hope, and you must succeed
E: Your mission that must be complete
E: Never forget my name, or you'll
E: Find yourself down
E: Good luck, you will need it
E: I salute your dedication!
B: There won't be a zone to take over
B: The earth is ravaged by that demon
B: Carnival of horrors awaits
B: It seems like it may never stop
B: While he's puppetting you for hate
B: I'll push through, and never give up
B: Wrap it up, almost done
B: I can see the ending, ready
B: I've met many souls on the way
B: I'm gonna let them rest today
B: Hoping they can all find their way
B: Back where they do, end this!

Now listen to my announcement
Go defeat him, to those grounds and
Make sure he never gets back up
That's your mission!
*menacing laughter*

No worries, it's in the bag
I'll go to him, I'll take him down
He won't get to rain hell on the lands
Gone inside-out
*laughs in boyfriend*

Looking like you have an inkling
All around, evermore slinking
Don't fight what you don't comprehend
Or you'll end up sinking!
You haven't seen the future, yet
You're confident you'll beat this threat
Time until the end grows shorter
Clock will run down until your murder

I don't know what you are thinking
Our fates are both interlinking
I must stand up to the monster
I know I can conquer!
Gazing into what may come soon
Always beating you with this tune
There's no outcome I don't kick your
Overconfident ass to the ground

Ravaging the land below me
Staining the world, blood in the sea
I'll make you get down on your knees
And in time, you may never see
What thanks do I get for this all?
Listen, for the end will soon call
Your running now reduced to crawls
Fighting me will be the way you fall

Seeing right through your final tricks
Knowing that you're now on the edge
Trauma laid down on you like bricks
Now for them I'll get revenge
Your time in murder, now is done
You really weren't the only one
For every soul that you've made none
You won't look back and say you've won

No more singing!
I'll try harder to
Take the souls back from the dead
Or make sure you don't wake instead!
You won't see the bright light again
For you're approaching your end!

Xenophanes and Boyfriend
X: I know I ruined the good
X: In this vile game
X: You really still think you could?
X: Fall on your knees...
B: Seems like you don't get it
B: I'll save the cursed still
B: End all the pointless suspension
B: Kicking you from your dimension
B: For every person you've haunted
B: I'll save!

Time is ticking!
I'll try harder to
Pound the knowledge in your head
You won't win, quit while you're ahead!
You've traumatized the innocent
So you will find the ending!

Xenophanes and Boyfriend
X: It doesn't matter
X: I won't listen to your cries
X: I'm just bringing their damnation
X: Use them for reanimation
X: Finally approaching the end
X: You'll see....
B: You have brought the difference
B: Between you and me
B: You're filled with evil, I'm not
B: There's no way I can lose!