Текст песни TLS Cypher - TLS & ADØE (Ft. Alcott, JusJames, Kody Free, Mitch Darrell, ​outr.cty, Prodigyl, Q-Flo & Scribe Music)

La-la-la-ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the TLS Cypher
It's time to spit bars and chew bubble gum
And we’re all out of gum
Up first, Alcott
Comin' through like Mike Alstott

I'm like handin' the detonator to Michael J. Fox
'Cause now I'm probably 'bout to blow, I don't hibernate a lot
I'm always workin', slave to the craft (Yeah)
Studyin' the game, I be acin' the class (Yeah)
Finna keep it authentic, but the frauds in it
I was coverin' their face wit' a mask (Woo)
I'm your father figure, show respect, don't make me repeat again
You're my sons, just be happy I ain't Adrian Peterson, uh

Mitch Darrell, you know what to do
Give 'em—

You think you can rap with me, homie, you so mistaken
Just know that my skill set crazy, it's Liam Neeson's in takin'
I'll take out all of you rappers, you done before I start aimin'
You pray to God that you'll beat me, I beat you before the amen (Haha)
Like a lone lion, I do not rock with the pride
But when it comes to rappin', I'm competitive and don't hide (That's true)
Remember, rap should be fun, and I'm havin' fun killin' y'all
If you think I'm talkin' to you, know only the real involved, uh (Kody Free, you heard 'em)

Squash the beat like vegans when I eat the beat, that's poetry (Kody Free)
Like God in me, I'm everything I wanna be and gotta be
I'm sorry, no apologies
You would think my name is robber way these always robbin' me
I'm cocky, still, I'm on, just an anomaly
Ballin' like Curry until the flavor runnin' out of me
Day that I drop water, couple people said they proud of me
Devil went Prada, I had to tell him "Get some new clothes"
I feel like Kuzco, I'm 'bout to hit a new groove
Wit' new flows, ayy

Foot on the gas and go (Ayy, ayy)
I'm swervin' the lane, ain't no way to control me (Prodigyl)
Sever the lies, I'm fine, was payin' no mind to the sins that would hold me (Yee, yee, yee, yee)
But He done just broke my chains (Woo)
Still to the light, will He heal my pain? (Pain)
Yeah, cleaned the stage
Real drip, called me into savin' grace (Woo)
Ha, took my place, new life givin' at the end of my race (Yeah)
Goin' up, elevator, Lord, I make it
I'm breakin' these curses, I'm never gon' fake it (What)
Push it to the limit, I'm speedin' up (Yeah)
Good news heatin' up, TLS the gang gang, need 'em up (Woo)
FIFA soccer, ayy, to God be the glory
Wavin' my flag, the Bible my sword

JJ Fad with the smooth flow and sports where the toolies hang (Don't be afraid)
Who spell correcting, God's glory in the blood's name (It's JusJames)
Kick our two cents with pens, that's so ruthless
Easy like a Sunday mornin' despite the bruises
The crown to find freedom, with humble comes the unity
This movement with the Cross, our place in His story
Big boy from Sax City is a tap on the back
When two or three meet empowerment, we cover no mask
Straight up (Yeah)

No, we're not done
Sit right back down in your seat
The bad guys are here
You know (N-N-N-NCO)
It's time

Respect me like your kids respect they elders
When I'm talkin' like this, they disappear like Penn and Teller (outr.cty)
You a star but you ain't stellar, J. Cole applyin' pressure
Yeah, you dope when you kickin' it with your ninjas, but I'm Shredder
One of the best on the lowkey, I conjure up this magic
I'm the trap like I'm Loki, be sure to listen closely
'Cause it's easy to lose vision when you live as a wanderer
Pay attention to the time, 'cause I became the conqueror (Uh)

Look, cypher killer's back, somebody go and fetch a body bag
Lyrics like the rib bean, the punches leave your body tagged (Q-Flo)
Came to bring the static, Virgil Hawkins, bruh, I'll shock you bad
Usher in the storm, homie, you got it, you got it bad
Listen, kids, it's pottery class, I'll mold ya
Not the best part of wakin' up, but I fold ya
Big dog, loose from the chains, I'm too cold, bruh
Get me to that boilin' point and I'll scold ya
We talkin' newer lyricist, and Philly's in your top five
Prodi flow enabled, run the systems, bro, do not lie
Mention full potential while our stock of razor's sky high
Haters think we laggin', I told 'em go check the WiFi, it's Q

What-what-what you have just heard is a master class
This is what happens when iron sharpens iron
Let-let the sparks fly
Hail to the king, baby
So many bars, so little time
This has been the TLS Cypher
We'll be back