Текст песни Play With Fire - Jacob Sigman

  • Исполнитель: Jacob Sigman

  • Альбом: Episode 1 -EP

  • Дата выпуска: 2018-03-09

Why do I play with fire
Every night when I get home?
After my one desire
Left me feeling so alone

And I've got bills to pay
I've got dreams I need to follow
But I'm gonna sleep today
I'm gonna dream away tomorrow

But when I look up in that looking glass
Can't help calling my old self a lie

Do you remember how we used to be?
Staying up till 6 a.m
Making plans to set our futures free
Cheap town would be so much simpler then

Lately I've been feeling that my life has passed me by
And all I ever do is wonder
Why do I play with fire? No (x4)

And in September I'll be falling back
Into the ways I used to feel
I light a fire and stare into the black
I hope it shows me something real

But what's the use in wondering
If you feel the things you fight
And maybe that's the only reason

Why do I play with fire? No (x4)
Play with fire, no, no
Do I?