Текст песни Still Ray (Live in Paris) - Raphael Saadiq

  • Исполнитель: Raphael Saadiq

  • Альбом: Live in Paris

  • Дата выпуска: 2009-07-11

I'm comin' home to you, wear something see-through
So I can see your heart
For night can never come soon enough for me
I watch the sky all day
The night is where I find you and peace of mind
My days are filled with glee
That's why I truly give you what you need
Because you love me for me
Good runs all through you, I can't help myself, oh
You found my weakest spot
What better woman to breathe and sleep next to
That's why I'll always be with you

Everybody say (Bo), oh
(Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo, bo, bo, bo) Uh
(Bo-bo-bo, bo, bo-bo-bo-bo, bo)
(Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo) Band (Bo, bo, bo)
Here we go, y'all ready to get involved? (Bo-bo-bo)
One, two, three, four