Текст песни Slutty Girls - Knightowl (Ft. Kozme)

  • Исполнитель: KnightowlKozme

  • Альбом: The Ghetto Bird

  • Дата выпуска: 2013-02-22

I was riding in my rola
That's when I spotted
A morena, firme chola
I pulled right over
And I asked her, "What's your name?"
She said, "Ilene," and I know
How to play her game
Hopped right in and then
I took her, for a ride
Up on the hillside
So we can go, bump and grind
That's when she turned and
Damelo, papito y yo me lo quito
Asi me gusto a mi
Pinche cochina, flaquita, muy fina
Me lo, chupo, asi
Licked on my ass, up to the sac
And then, she sucked the cock
And wouldn't you know it, right after she blew it
Then she rolled my rock
I wanted to cum, but she said she was done
Cause pussy is not for free
I told her to go, cause bitch, you'se a ho
Get off your ass and leave, cause
Baby, you're dirty, filthy, yeah, ya heard me
Go wash your coochie
Cause baby, you'se a hoochie

That's right
You know what I'm talking 'bout
And you know who you is
You punk ass little biotch

I like 'em slutty girls
I got a lot of bitches
All around the world
I never have to pay
For pussy, cause it's free
So hoes, get on your knees
And suck on these, suck on these
Oooh-oooh-oooh wee

(Rap Verse)
I know this girl, she want to get it on with me
She wants to do Mr. K-N-I-G-H-T
Don't ask me why, but I'm a comply
I cannot lie, she caught my eye
She looked kind of good, she live in the hood
She asked my name, "What set you claim?"
I said, "Don't trip," she said, "Are you Blood or a Crip"
And I told her, "Chale!"
I'm from the crazy calles, Wop Town
Be the clique, but I live in the valle
Whenever I fuck them hoes, they give me blows
I smelled the pussy, might be gross
I like to beat the cat
Skinny and fat
Just gimme the cunt
The clit
The butt
Your tit
Up in your ass, til I make you shit
I made them yell, scream and cry
I'm sorry if I got the nut in your eye
But I know that you like it
Just sit on the bone and ride it
Don't fight it, come and suck it
Open up your legs, and let me fuck it

Repeat Chorus

(Intro 2)
I was riding in my rola
That's when I spotted
A morena, firme chola
She said to me, and said
"Hello, my name's Lizette
I like your ride
And your music makes me wet"
Hopped right in, cause
I knew she, was a trick
Headed straight to the
Nearest, Motel Six
Lo and behold

(Verse 2)
She sucked me hard, balls and all
I shove 'em straight up her mouth
She was still dressed, her face was a mess
Then I took off her blouse
She looked really dumb, her face full of cum
And dripping off her chin
She washed up, jumped back in the bed
And then she sucked it again
She had no shame, the bitch had no game
I played her like a flute
You fuckin dirty birdie
Two-dollar prostitute

Repeat Chorus Twice