Текст песни 1 W/ The Groovemnt - The Groovemnt

  • Исполнитель: The Groovemnt

  • Альбом: 1 w/ the groovemnt

  • Дата выпуска: 2021-02-02

Peace Peace till they can’t stand me
Keep it moving, It’s a movement
Introducing join the Groovemnt
On the next landing
Poise is so canny
Why folks is buttholes
I’m from Norfolk
Where the shark shows
Days been waiting
Watching patient after patient fade away
Nation shaking
Rebuke the Satan off ya
Don’t let him lost ya, boss ya, stall ya
Damn near cost ya
All of ya marbles
Make you wanna holler
Blake made the model
Make a couple dollars
So we all follow
It’s a stick up
Keep ya wrists up
Gimme this gimme that
You wack
And the jigs up
Hot damn
We in London now
Put on a few pounds
So the UK loves the sound
Groovemnt in this bitch
So we keep it lit
Score ya favorite film while you watching Netflix
Hot damn

My dawgs, we do it better
Hotter than June in sweaters
Style change hella quick like weather
Hit the ball come around like tether
Cause if you standing on the wall do better
Need to loosen up
Make you feel light as a feather
Now Go
Go, Just Go
You can do it