Текст песни ​go crazy - FabFantasy (Ft. 6arelyhuman, Baeby Alex, ​​hauntingclaire, ​​kets4eki, ​skypebf, ​syris & ​xofilo)

FabFantasy, Fab-Fab-FabFantasy
Pixel Hood

Coke in my boots with the fur and the cotton soles
In-in-in the spot, we getting high, stop-stop, drop and roll
Yeah-yeah-yeah, I'm speeding down the road, I don't pay the toll
Get-get it for free, while these stupid hoes, they pay to go
Way too cool, these-these-these hating hoes
You can't, you can't control, go-go-go-go loco
Way too cool, these-these-these hating hoes
You can't, you can't control, go-go-go-go loco
It's like, every day, I'm goin' crazy
These bitches tryna play me
I know, I'm fucking sexy, get the money, can't be lazy
Don't talk, boy, you just play me, the vision that I'm painting
You at the wall, I'm faking
Whatchu know? I leave them shaking
Walk up in the club and I took out a shank, boy
Ain't no play, please say, "No, I ain't, boy"
Work a knife, wanna know how it tastes, boy
Got a swag in the bank, know that I ain't based, boy
Got all them bad, but they look so dramatic
Attracted to me like a motherfucking magnet
Walk in this place like a creature of habit
Not from this planet, so you cannot have it
Shaking in your boots, sh-sh-shaking in your boots
Shaking in your boots, sh-sh-shaking in your boots-boots-boots
Shaking-shaking-shaking-, boots
Shaking-shaking-shaking-, boots
Shaking-shaking-shaking-, boots-boots-boots

It's that Fab shit, yeah, we hate damn sluts
She's still alive, fuck it, say it if you want some
Every time we do it, everyday, it's a lot of fun
I don't wanna hear it, just say it, 'cause you are the one
I go stretch them in the basement, we play it
If we want it, then we see it and we take it
I don't really give a fuck, I just wanna make it
Yeah, we ain't gonna fucking stop 'til we're fucking famous
We're gettin' drunk, like, yeah, yeah, it's like it's all we do
Put us in a party with some bitches, yeah, we suck this, too
You're a fucking liar, her arm's so luscious, though
Kickin' up the club, you're so ugly, and you're izzy, too
Cash this all up, I should fuck you up now
Treat you like a cupid, I make you fall in love now
Gonna fall in love now, everybody sucks now
Fun under the sheets, shake you up under the sunset (Shake you up under the sunset)

Walk into the back, it's just such a different upload
Playing in the club light, now you, now you wanna go
I'ma-I'ma go outside, I'ma get some mischange
Now they all are fucking me, I can fucking Fab, bitch
Ew, I can ride it, ride it, fuck it while they still inside me
Yeah, I know, you want some of that, I'ma get it high
Yeah, feel it on me, yeah, baby, I can get it low, get it low
Feel me up, just feel around me, get my love

These posers wanna stalk me, nobody gonna stop me
I'm dancin' at the party, I'm fucked up on coke and molly
Come feel up on my body, I'm such a hot tamale
I can't fuck with paparazzi (Enby pop star, such a hottie)
I drive these brothas crazy, I do it on the daily
Pull up in a Mercedes, these bitches want my— (Babies)
I'm dancin' in the club, and I'm busy gettin' crunk
Men just wanna grab my junk, they can look, but they can't touch, ha
Dancin' in my mini skirt, 'cause this beat is very sick
In the VIP, I'ma ride on your— (Disco stick)
Let me be your slut, I need you to fuck me hardcore
Everybody's watchin' us, let's give them an encore

Hello Kitty bag, I pulled up in a Tesla
She just wanna ride, got her wet just like I kissed her
I just stole her man and she's mad, but I don't care, though
I'ma keep my bitch, but geek, you ain't waiting, that's some facts, ho
Haunting in the party, she slap on my name tag
You love chatting bullshit, she's slapping on it, give me head
I ain't ever hear you, so you on it with your ex
Kicking in my trunk, oh, yeah, it's parting
You're mad that you can't be me, run away when you can see me
Yeah, I know, you're mad when I'm talking on the TV
Yeah, I'm on the big screen, know you're rocking with me
I can take your girl and your man 'cause both want me

The feeling's so strong, so pop a molly
Take these drugs, yeah, you won't stop me
Pull up the club, there's paparazzi
I just lost my special car keys
Fuck, good job, I'll let you keep up
Standing on my money, bitch, I'm higher than an eagle
I don't fuck with lames, so just get out my face, yeah

Yeah, move your face from right outta my face
'Cause you're obstructing my view
I would like to see people on the stage dance on the stage when inside of the venue
Now pussy pop, pussy pop
Pussy pop-pop-pop, when inside of the venue
Now I rap, I can do it really slow, or I can do it really fast
I can rap about my friends or my hair or a pay check
Baeby Alex is what you're gonna go play next
Everybody loves when I DJ at Fab Fest
Been there, did all that, gettin' kinda bored
I love vanilla ice cream and dressing like a whore
When I'm not in my house, I'm up in the Apple Store
Lookin' at the iPhones