Текст песни Quittin’ Rap/DRAKE PAUSE - Buddy Alex (Ft. Yung JiZz)

This rap shit is played
It's not even that cool anymore
We gotta start, investing in property or something
But I'm still gunna kill this track for now
Fuck yall

White people ruined me just like they did Sriracha (woo)
In school I got truancy my smell was like a Rasta (dang)
I was accused of tryna nut on Natasha (ugh)
But that bitch was way too bust slobbin' on my choppa (hell yeah)
Now my music got them jumping like the floor is lava (ooh)
Yeah, way out in Europe like the Slovaks (woo)
Representing Burly bringing GTA flow back (six)
While these other rappers temping like they B.J. Novak (bitch)
I'm going harder, than applying for OSAP (what?)
Me and Yung JiZz (JiZz)
Making a collab
We were ballin outside harder than James Harden
Got so many fucking plants I might just start me a garden
Got some milky white bitches that came in a carton (glug)
One named Lia, or Lisa, or maybe Lauren (who?)
Two coke girls that look like Kat Dennings (yeah)
Married to the money finna have us a wedding

Ay, I'm finna quit rap (woo)
Im finna make an app
Already making stacks (stacks)
But I thought I'd sell some hats
Imma invest in some stocks
What if the stocks crash?
Or maybe sell some socks
Sell em on my podcast
Im finna be a landlord
What do you need that land for?
For the money that we stand for
And thats for damn sure

Ay, it's Buddy JiZz (JiZz)
I know you're wondering why the fuck I'm on this (why though?)
After Alex socked that bitch, man I was finna see her tits (bruh)
But you know Yung JiZz had to come back
And body his buddy on his own track (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
It's Yung JiZz A.K.A. school shooter (pow)
I roll up to the suburbs in my brand new scooter (skkrt)
I didn't fuck no teachers but I fucked my tutor (I did)
"Yung JiZz fallin off?"
Naw thats just a rumour (yeah)
I grow on folks like tumours
I'm as sick as Farris Bueller
I'm the only rapper who's got a sense of humour (ha)
All my birds from Geordie aye
Gazin on my shorty aye
I'm her pop pop, I ain't forty yeah
Pop pop thats my .40 yeah
I'm the biggest meme y'all ever seen
Y'all best believe I'm the new Charlie Sheen
Snapping them pics like I snap my fingers
Clapping these haters we be pulling triggers
SuperFinger we grave diggers
And we killing all y'all n-nah I can't say that

Selling dick pills cause a bitch want a big groin
On the low I'm getting rich off of bitcoin
I plan to start a cult that you finna join
I'm making power moves check my fucking powerpoint
Faking my own death for a government handout
Dropping 10k on a brand new warehouse
So if all else fails we can liquidate it
Fuck hip hop we innovative

Been busy spitting bars since the SARS epidemic
Now I'm swiping debit cards and giving karma the credit
You post a picture on your Twitter that took hours to edit
You flexing like you hard?
We're hardly invested
Bitch your following is small I got my own subreddit
Been adding up the funds in my basketball shorts (cha-ching)
I played badminton once now its an actual sport
I got facts to report
A little white stuff to snort (*sniff*)
With your wife on my porch
She ride my pipe like a horse, aye
Me and the amigos finna Takeoff (mama)
You just had an Offset we got a day off
Came in the game to break jaws
But we're also sensitive so we gotta do a Drake Pause

I heard once that the time was now
And the moment can't stop us
And what we thought we had
And what we meant to be, lost us
(God Dammit)
Tryna find a good girl
There were times i felt, I lost you (I just want to find a girl like you)
Mmh, lost up in this new world, finding what the cost is
Uh, because its me, sitting here (I want to love)
Talking to you...Natasha