Текст песни Falling - Epiph@ny (Ft. Dr@k01387)

  • Исполнитель: Epiph@nyDr@k01387

  • Альбом: strangers (EP)

  • Дата выпуска: 2019-12-12

Stranger productions

Been walken
Trying to keep going
But its hard
Its long
Feel like I walked the whole 8 mile
Man thought I was big
Thought I made it
Thought I was ballin'
Turns out I'm not
I've just been fallin'
Screw walking the 8 mile
I've been fallen the whole 8 mile
God it sucks
Pray to God
Pray for forgiveness..
Pray for it to stop
No one answers...
I'm siting on the wall
Starting to fall
Feeling like Humpty Dumpty
No one can put me back together
I'm broken
Always falling
Its so long
Been fallen for days
Somebody help me

This world
We're falling
Falling so bad that as we fall we call it balling
On the future we all know will come
America hates the word "future" because of what we might become
We like to run
From our problems — sometimes we even think it's fun
And then they lie down depressed again done over with rum
That's why you see people party like crazy at Vegas and then you see them sobbing, drunk
All up in a funk
Our selfishness and corruption stinks like a skunk
A smell of sin going up to Heaven
We're desperate for happiness so whenever we see someone hot we try to bed 'em
I'm bettin'
It's better
To have actual chains on rather than these fetters
We're promised so much joy
Reminds me of Christmas, waiting for that thing that'll make me happy
Waiting for that toy
And then Christmas is over and I'm still unhappy... oy
We think we can find happiness in fulfilling our selfish desires
Desires burning like a fire
But every time we try to quench it with what we want the flames burn higher...