Текст песни My Girl - Diggy (Ft. Trevor Jackson)

First off, let me apologize
For all them other guys that didn't treat you right, girl
Let me ease your mind girl, ohhh
See, you are just my type and I ain't no psychic
But I believe in my world, is that I can read your mind girl
My girl, my girl

Bet that's the realest shit you ever heard
And meant it all baby, every word
I wanna get to know you girl, let me learn
Explore your mind and every curve
We should go somewhere and get acquainted
No pressure, it's just two people hanging
I'm Diggy wait? I ain't get ya' name
I get the feeling its about to change
I know you feeling how I feel right now
You feeling like it's all too real right now
I know you scared to take a risk
You been hurt, gave a couple dudes a shot, they all miss
This is different, this is kismet, this is praying
This is wishing that everything I wanted is finally come to fruition
The reason for my existence, everything I've been missing
What you went through with your last man? This is what it isn't girl

Baby, I don't need convincing, I know it's real, I can sense it
The possibilities endless, but we can start off with a friendship
I knew as soon as you entered, just standing there in the entrance
I had to grab your attention do something to spark your interest
And it seems I got it down though
You been right here just talking to me about an hour so...
Tell me this, you know as soon you walk through that door
Right when you saw me you were thinking what you doing and more
Don't try to front, I see you smiling so just tell me this
How would you feel if we dip out and this would never end
Damn you got me saying shit I never said
Man don't want to sound conceited, but nothing is repeated
When your with me guarantee it I can feel it, I can see it
So you should never want to settle, do you see yourself? Be yourself
And won't let nobody take your place
I got everything I wanted standing right here in my face

Stress on ya mind, let me take that off
I'll give you what you need, it don't matter the cost
If he ain't on his job, girl you lay that man off, off
Oh girl