Текст песни Benny the Butcher Bars On I-95 Freestyle, Pt. 2 - Benny the Butcher

Let me get comfortable in this bitch
You know what I'm sayin'
My nigga AB, got my nigga AB in Buffalo
Big Griselda, BSF
Jansport J

First, Joe, Rory, and Mal break up, then everyday I wake up
Feelin' like they owe me still, just add it to them forty acres
No correlation with broke niggas, I be in foreigns racin'
Big shit, steering wheel so big, my arm achin'
Patent your style after mine, I turned my spoils to hunger
Good on the soil, but rap made me more of a hustler
Fiends smoke off the foil, baggin' boy up in bundles
I'm like Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, boy, I been humble
Fed time, spent half my life avoidin' them numbers
So in my city, rich niggas pushin' Toyota Tundras
It's David versus Goliath, I'm Brandon Roy gettin' buckets
The seeds that Griselda planted grew to sequoias above us
Only choice was to come up, y'all fell too short of those numbers
Not bein' loyal to your brother, y'all rather poison each other
Married the game, no horse and carriage, just Porsche Carreras
My sixth sense more coherent, I'm talkin' to spirits
I fuck my broads in numeric order, quarterback it
Marcus Mariota, white girl, Maria Sharapova
That dope got a familiar odor, we still rollin'
That shit reloadin', we halfway through and I'm near my quota
I know they wanna hear woke lines in my raps
Had close times, I'm talkin' on both sides of the strap
They chasin' me and Conway, we so far from the pack
It might be a while, so I'ma send postcards 'til I'm back
How they don't like me? My footsteps, they follow them tightly
Like we don't know the reason you pick them Griselda type beats
I called this nigga, he ain't have to invite me
'Cause this the only part of that game that still excite me
Burners'll flash, shots burn you up, bass
Skin grafts after surgery look like Burberry plaid
Certainly gas, emergency stash, a half a mil in currency
That's in a secret location buried in bags
Niggas say they nice, but don't shake shit up like the Butch
Got a movie deal, chill, but my real life like a book
Loose steel knife with a jux, so don't be that life that I took
And next time you sneak diss me, just pay me, I'll write the hook, nigga

Know what I mean?
No, hold up, hold up
Hold up, I ain't done, listen

And y'all can front like we not locked in
Only rapper to not have a major deal that's on that B Dot top ten, nigga