Текст песни Master Class (Cypher) - Mitch Darrell & Prodi Da Prodigal (Ft. International Show, ​outr.cty, Q-Flo & Weez the Satellite Kiid)

My dad made this beat

Uh, top of the class, every song is a good grade
I'm a first-day barber, I'm only good for the fade
Got clippers and blades, wanna line you up on the stage
Tryna read me like a book and they got stuck on the page
Boy, I'm big flow, words are my weapons, I let the clip go
Rap so many bars out loud, made 'em switch flows
I'm nice-nice, a mix between Griselda and the Holy Ghost
They say protect your neck, you better hold it close, North

City, ayy
Uh, look whose foot just stepped across the threshold (What's hap?)
I'm stealin' back my joy like I'm Klepto (Klepto)
I'm preachin' like I'm Creflo (Creflo)
Snuck in like Bruh-Man from the fifth floor
Y'all rappers carbon copied like it's ten-four (Get it?)
I'm reapin' all my blessings like it's tenfold
No limit like it's eh-oh
Y'all actin' brand new, but I been cold
I'm different, I'm really just an anomaly
Doin' this so unconsciously, beat the beat, no apology
Luckily, that's some God for me

From blackin' out on black tops back in the days
Whether it's rain or rays, we was bootin' up
Way before laptops, Tonka Trucks couldn't match my matchbox
Starrin' in wars, tryna stay alive in these streets, no sasquatch
Now I'm bigfootin' the game
My Experian at an 850 when I'm proclaimin' His Name, uh
Cristo with the Jesús, you're witnessin' the prelude
'Cause before we all eat, it's only right that I grace you

Man, you lack to see whackin', cappin' on DSPs, fakin' it
They give you some pennies for your thoughts, but you not makin' sense (That's true)
It's crazy, man, I spit uncontrollable like a seizure
Can't see me but tryna find me, you roamin', just call me Caesar (That's a bar)
I'm the ruler, ironic these rappers can't measure up
Ark of the Covenant, my raps somethin' you can't ever touch (You get it?)
Man, I know my punch is strong like spikin' the prom drink
So if you ain't really rappin', quit sendin' your song link, uh

Oh beloved, I need it, aimin' for your nugget
My baby nudgin' it up, but she isn't cool with the budget (Nah)
Barbaric bars, my primal instinct is tuggin' (Okay)
I lean 'em like robitussin, talk turkey and catch the stuffin' (Yeah)
Couldn't pack a pen up at customs, it come up cuss 'ems (Look)
Infrared cousin, the color of Jesus bussin'
I know He bleeds with the one-ten, every time that I want to
Put every rapper in place just like the dub do, please (Uh)

Norf Philly in the building with the brothers, I'm buildin'
Filled with the Spirit, spittin' vicious, my lyrics could fill the books of Guinness
Bout Father's business, destroy your religious superstition
Boot and never movin' from my Father's supervision (Uh)
Personal relation and they rules of regulation (Nah)
You went for a rude awakenin', think you could make it fakin' it (Uh huh)
These bars'll leave you stinkin', manure when the sun is bakin' it (Ew)
The monster has been sleepin', y'all clowns made me awaken him