Текст песни Renegade freestyle - Kay Jay the quiet_kidd

Mmmh Hmmm
I'm bout to do something that's gonna
Offend most of y'all (Yeah like for real)
But I don't care (I don't care)
Imma do something that's gonna affect y'all

Nike stepping
I'm hot headed
And attractive
Money magnet lil nigga
You know I'm attracting (attracting)
Blowing up
And my shit starting
To get some traction (On god)
People hating on me
Couldn't give a fuck about it (for real)
Bitches claiming on me
Don't even fuck around (Don't fuck around)
Faces changing in the room
That's when I'm around (for real)
Straight talker lil nigga
Don't do no run around (running laps)
Straight shooter my nigga
I keep a gun around (for real)
You think I love you baby
I'm just tryna fuck sum (fuck sum, fuck sum)
She gave me head
But we all know that she still dumb (dumb)
In her jaws, not a shark
She won't bite bruh (Like jaws)
She gave me head
Now she tell me that her mouth's numb (Gawd)
I took his girl, I know
Ion give a fuck about her (for real)
Talking bout me when I leave
Ya'll some bitches huh? (bitches huh?)
Got a Glock 19
With some switches on it (Switches on it)
We gone take him to his grave
Chains on a nigga, lil bitch no slave (slave)
High tide nigga just look at my waves (waves)
They fitna play this at the rave (rave)
Yeah, uh
They fitna play this at the rave (rave)
Yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, uh
Okay, yeah

Yeah I get my rave on (uh)
Yeah I get my chains on (uh-huh)
Yeah I get my waves on (uh-huh)
Drowning in the wave
All these niggas washed up
Tin foil so these niggas are just squashed up
Said he wanna fight now he's just fucked up
Said she love me, look at her now she just fucked up
One in the chamber, my nigga I got one up
Cop's looking for me so I keep my Glock tucked
Glock with a dick you get fucked mmh pause bruh
Clip a nigga put a bullet in his balls mmh yeah pause bruh (pause)
Rapping and robbing nigga till I fall imma stand tall (tall)
Bitch said she love me, now she think I'm gonna pick up her calls (like what the fuck)
Bitch you think I really like you huh? (huh?)
Bitch I don't give a fuck
Thinking I'ma wife her
Nah I'm just gon' fuck
Got the codiene on me nigga put it in the double cup (Yeah)
I heard your song it's so trash, why you rapping about 2 cups
Hit em up nigga like my middle name is Tupac
Even if i had 2 dicks boy, I wouldn't give two fucks (at all)
Yeah, huh
Yeah, uh
Pull up with a gun ask the pussy nigga
"Yeah, wassup" (sup?)
I'm hella rich
You niggas broke (broke)
I fucked your bitch
You niggas nothing but some jokes (jokes)
I heard that song you made
Was it meant for me?
I saw that post you made
Was it meant for me?
See I don't fuck with all that
Internet beef
My nigga I will see you outside (for real)
Better be careful when you coming to the east (east)
Better beware you don't run into the beast (beast)
Cause as soon as he see you
My nigga there's gone be a feast (feast)
Pain and hurt, it's all the same but
The real problem is you niggas
Say ya'll want beef but ya'll can't handle the steak sauce
It's the same beef that'll put you in the graveyard
Leave a nigga dead like we talking about Nate dog
Your girl is a bitch and I call her my mate dog (oof)
But we can't interbreed she's a bitch I'm a lion (for real)
My girl is a lioness (she roar)
So, you niggas know I'm not lying (yeah, yeah, uh, so you know I'm not lying)
I'm bout to freestyle on the rest of this beat (off the top)
I'm the best, Imma fuck on his bitch
Like for real, I'm the best, like fuck how they feel
Imma slap a nigga with the stick, like my name is will smith (will smith)
I'm going off the top, I kick this shit like karate or judo
These niggas talking bout me, till I fucking pull up in a two-door
With your hoe on my lap
I pull up on the scene with a pole
All these niggas gone run, this shit like laps
I ain't really talking gym class
I pull up on the scene with a gun
I dismiss that nigga, huh, like a semester 2
You know, how they don't do work at school (Yeah, like, we deadass don't do work at school)
Yeah, Okay
Listen, yeah, uh
I got the heat, no oven (uh)
I got the heat, no oven (uh)
All these niggas, keep talking (talk)
Pull up on the scene with a gun and I'm bucking (bucking)
Put that nigga down, right in his grave (grave)
Yeah, like I said, we gon' put him in his grave
Cause why?
I'm a Nike stepper (for real, yeah)
I'm a Nike stepper
Niggas talking about me cause I'm hot
Just like a pepper (pepper)
All these niggas broke and shit
They playing Peppa pig
I pull up on the scene
With a fucking gun, I blitz (for real)
I put a bullet in his chest
Like I said, I'm legit
Now I ain't capping when I say this shit
Now listen and listen clearly
I am the best
Fuck all the rest
Pull up on the scene with a gun and a Tec
Shoot a fuck nigga, put a bullet in his neck
Imma fuck on his thot, I'm gonna go grab her breasts
Yeah, Imma grab on her breasts
She gone uh...
She gone uh...
She gone ride me
Just like a pony
While you laying in your bed nigga you lonely
Talking bout me saying that I fucking owe you (boy)
You a broke ass nigga, how the fuck you got 20k?
You bitch ass nigga (That's cap)
I'm getting better and better at this rapping (for real)
All these niggas keep on capping
All these niggas ain't even rapping
All these niggas they just talk and talk saying the same thing in one song
Like what is you on bruh?
What is you on bruh?
I put you on bruh
Imma fuck your mom bruh
Put my dick up in her fucking jaws bruh
Like I said, I'm the best with this shit
It's Kay Jay from Dior LL to these bitches (yeah)
(Peace to all my friends)