Текст песни 80'z Baby - Loc Saint

  • Исполнитель: Loc Saint

  • Альбом: 80'z Baby, 90'z Raised Me

  • Дата выпуска: 2022-03-26

Yeah, come on
Let's take it back now
80'z Baby, 90'z Raised Me

Solo, Loc also known for snapping on enemies
Quicker than the flick of a Kodak photo when I go low
Oh no, you cannot roll me
Don't you know go-go Loco's got buzz like Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars movies
Devour 'em like a newbie, could give a fuck what's it to me
Got go-routes to sell those packs and I'm back by my doggie Scooby
Don't like what I'm saying then he bark and the shit can throw me
Parking while angels harking and marking another goonie
Like my face, exchanging rates with the Canadian loonie
Shit's crazy in this lifetime of mine, matter of fact it's cartoon-y
Make 'em wanna rewind the time and take 'em back to '99 truly
Sure shit was rooted so soon, we gotten used to slump
While knocking a brother up out of their socks for FILA sneakers or the Nike Pumps
On a get back, gotta get that back and not let us with they chump
Fill 'em with a hot one, waiting for the right time
Condemn me a star and then pop one off inside of his head
Then he was dead before the second bullet severed his spine
That was my homie loccing out, was only twelve at the time
So take it back

I was a 80's ba-aby
But it was the 90's that ma-ade me
I was a 80's ba-aby
But it was the 90's that rai-aised me

I take y'all back into action
Got it fitted with a track that keep cracking
When I hit up with a sack gotta run along back that Loc goes back by that traction
So feel flowing, prophetics' pissed like I'm knowing
I take y'all back to Phoenix Rising when the Loc just kept going
There ain't no stop to this rock, that is while I'm propped and it's often
The safeties D-Lo with the nineties kinda sound that we go off to this
Yeah, my Reebok Pumps with my Dickey's low
Follow me closely in this world and we comparing to The Twilight Zone
Nothing can be just what it seems
I wake up in the morning and feel I'm living a dream
My homies are all dead but they said there's no I in team
And the one's that still living locked up for trying to stack the green
Yeah, huh, they show love in the 2000s
I guess that's what you get when skinny jeans and wedding dresses come astounding
Pack it all up, I'm bouncing
Bringing y'all back to what this rap is all about
Baby, we coming grounded

I was a 80's ba-aby
But it was the 90's that ma-ade me
I was a 80's ba-aby
But it was the 90's that rai-aised me