Текст песни Lunatic - Origin Crxss

  • Исполнитель: Origin Crxss

  • Дата выпуска: 2014-12-21

Why'd they get me heated
I told them I was crazy
Now they know, now they know (laughing)

Verse 1:
Ima a lunatic
Off a tic tac fresh
Fresh to death
Make you do the bunny hop like hef
Heavy hefty bag
Beat your but until you sag
Then I'm slicing at your throat
Just for being a fag
That's not a hate crime
I don't feel no type of way
I just keep hearing voices
Like every single day
And in a few seconds
They'll all go away
But in a few seconds
On the ground you all will lay
Body parts in disarray
I done snapped to your dismay
There's a game i want to play
And if you don't participate
I will show you all the rage
The monster from the cave
That they locked inside a cage
But I'm breaking out the chains
Bout to chew the A.K
9s and a 12 gauge
Set fire to the mic
And then drop it to the stage
Turn around and walk away
Now you see me then I'm gone
First you hear a laugh
Then you feel a breaking bone

||: I'm the lunatic on your ringtone
Knocking on your speaker till the beat go
(Beat go)
Boom chiddy boom chiddy boom chiddy boom :||
You already knew, thought you already knew
Competition bring the action
They gone get a Looney tune

Verse 2:
I'm a lunatic
A heretic of heritage
I'm flipping this rhetoric
For the betterment of testament
Toward my dominance
So that my confidence
Is not mistaken as arrogance
I'm reading the record and it's
Ready for recompense
A decade of decadence
Nah let's make it a century
After 400 years, of being in the penitentiary
I'm not bout to stop, until the world will remember me
Foes shaking, trembling
At the mention of my memory
And the message I'm delivering
Always with the heat
So they sweating my delivery
I'll burn a man alive
If he take a crooked look at me
You snoozed on my skill
I'm a mattress flipping entity
A shock to the system
I'm the static of the industry
Couldn't balance this equation
Back when I was failing chemistry
My flow is off the hinges
I'm a lunatic lyrically
I have no competition
Ain't a single person ripping me


Verse 3:
I'm seeing silhouettes
I think I need to fret
Better yet I wouldn't bet
You gone pay me my respect
Or forever stay in debt
See the screws inside my head
Were too tight and so they stripped
And now they're falling out
Here's what I'm all about
I'm about to figure out
How to silence every sound
That I can't get around
Leave them buried underground
Then ground them all down
My internal clock it pounds
To the mental I astound
You better bow now
A psychopath with the crown
On the path to touring towns
Might be your worse nightmare
I do not fight fare
I just don't quite care
About your little struggle
How you always been right there
I'm next up
You don't like it you can stay here
I'm stepping on your throat
They didn't tell you this is my air
I'm snatching Calender's
Every single one is my year
Say you haven't heard
I'm Mike Tyson to your left ear


Outro: (laughing)