Текст песни Diss Track (Skit) - Mitch Darrell (Ft. Mic Wise)

  • Исполнитель: Mitch DarrellMic Wise

  • Альбом: Rap Should Be Fun, Vol. 2

  • Дата выпуска: 2022-03-09

What up, it's Mic
Um, I see what you doin' over there with the Rap Should Be Fun, bro, uh
It's nice, man, it's nice
My only issue is, is I ain't on it, bruh
I'm tryin' to figure out how you got 76 and a half people on your project and not one of 'em is me
This just don't make no sense, man
Like, come on, man, you makin' songs about Klondike bars and all that
Man, don't even, you don't even like Klondike bars like that, bruh
Man, you coulda done a song about a Snickers, even an M&M
Eminem, you coulda did a track about Eminem
It coulda been me and you, bruh
Eminem, Mic and Mitch, that woulda been fun right there, man
But you out here gettin' everybody and they grandma on the street
I walk down the street, she like "Hey, you heard about the new project I'm workin' on? It's called Rap Should Be Fun, Volume 2"
I said "Oh lady, how the heck you get on the project?"
And she said "Mitch hit me up and asked me to do a hook"
I said "Oh my lord"
But you ain't hit me up? That's crazy
You know what? As a matter of fact, rap ain't fun
Mitch Darrell diss track comin' soon, patna