Текст песни Tell Them - Solano Jacob

  • Исполнитель: Solano Jacob

  • Альбом: O Santuário da Família

  • Дата выпуска:

She don’t wanna lose it
She can’t refuse it
Using and abusing
She’s confusing

Glory be, glory be to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Elect of Jah, Light of this world. Teaching us to live upon the family business, you know? Strength upon the family man and woman living together as one. And living upon the love of the true and living God, Jahoviah Rastafari

I don’t wanna see them die
I wanna see them rise
I wanna see my people loving Rastafari

Never wanna see them cry
I wanna see them try
I wanna see my people seeking eternal life

In the night she go out pon the dancing
Wanna feel high, lose all sense
Drink like pig, behave like fool
Them people never know what they do

The other day she can’t remember
Lot of shame, lose conscience
Lose the husband, lose your friends
And then start drinking again

She nah care, loyalty she nah wear
Looking for pleasure
She don’t wanna share
Make up her face to get what she wants
Cute she a dress waiting for sex

Go to the party, girls them a smile
Taste many man, burn out the King
Never use a condom, get a disease
She a go fall to bottom less pit

Zion Gate them people are knocking
Satan in pleasure them falling
Them never listen I warning
Judgment time is coming

Christ salvation is the only way
Out of Foundation no other way
Educate yourself no other way
Burn this says no other way

Tell them salvation around
Coming with power and sound
All them lost souls from the world we gonna free
Tell them we gonna love we gonna praise His Majesty