Текст песни Primitive - NLP

  • Исполнитель: NLP

  • Альбом: Free Your Mind

  • Дата выпуска: 2013-09-09

The handwriting is on the wall
If the human race is ever going to amount to anything it needs a leader

(Smellington piff, Eric the Red)
Ya ya ya yeah primitive ya ya ya ya ya
Were fucking primitive
Banging rocks to make beats
Man make fire

(Verse One: Smellington piff)
Yo I'm primitive (what's going on)(yeah)
I'm fucking primitive (I'm fucking primitive)
Illinformed's primitive
Smellington piff
Yo Yo

I'll scream at the mic till my lungs collapse
Smellington piff never leave the skunk intact
The cannabis junkie trying to blag a bag
Faminous hungry trying to catch a snack
With a black widow following tracks through the meadow
I use my tounge to catch flies like a gecko
Dress feral approach at your own peril stone parrell
Smoking some bone marrow think primitive
Me man throw arrow neanderthal find me coching in my cave
Sharpening a dinosaur tooth in to a blade
Cained and able from the cradle to the grave
Got the heart of a dragon fuck rapping spitting flames
In a loin cloth covered in stains
I walk barefoot without a penny to my name to my name

(Verse Two: Eric the Red)
My minds prehistoric and I'm thick skulled
It's that dirty dribbling mumbling neanderthal
I'm the type to smoke a peace pipe with the natives
And I only give a fuck about fire hunting and mating
A well groomed man see me flicking fleas and nits
? running through the rainforest dodging sandpits
In the jungle tripping off frog poison like a spastic
Me and piff are more terrifying than arachnids
For real who the fuck invented the wheel
Cause I'm a primitive caveman born to kill
And I couldn't give a fuck I see the sabertooths ?
Alpha male of my tribe beating woman with my club
What you saying I only talk in primitive tongues
Like fire fire whilst illinformed bangs the drums
A rapper with a velociraptor bone through my nose
See me jumping tree to tree shooting arrows from my bow

They don't call it the stone age for nothing