Текст песни Mirror Talk - 1dada4ever

  • Исполнитель: 1dada4ever

  • Дата выпуска: 2022-02-25

Reminiscing when I was caged up ain't know who to call upon
When them packs touched down I broke my bruddas off
We busted down that lick then toast the alcohol
They know I was the last to hit up 'bout smoke cause I be out my top
They know I’m sliding with them sticks cause I ain’t give a fuck
Bitch I still don’t give a fuck
All we knew was running down
Driving 'round with guns and pounds
Make sure all the lights cut off and you better pick up the shells from the ground
We let 'em feel like he top rank till we came and took him down
I ain’t done that in a while
I’m like damn it’s been awhile
Don’t get shit twisted I still slide for my dawgs
I’m putting on shit that you can’t get in the mall
You can ask my bitch, we been fuckin hoes together
I tell all my girls I’m the realest one of them all
All the shit that I been rapping bout I lived it
Everything I’m sayin in “I get it“, cement that
When we hit the scene with them sticks it ain’t a kickback

I’ve just been doing me, my friend
I get like this when I’m off Percocets, baby
I was just reminiscing bout the past
Damn my life is moving fast
I get high I’ll never land
Might as well just pop a xan
Might as well blow your whole advance
Might as well keep goin till I can’t no more
I do this shit for the fam

I ain’t do this for the fame
Bitch I do it for the gang
Bitch I do it cause I’m hungry
I just do it for myself
How the fuck I’m not supposed to pop one
I know it’s bad for my health
I know she hates when I’m nodding off but it’s hard to put down cause it helps
I ain’t do it for the love
I ain’t do it for the hugs
That bitch still wanna fuck me
That bitch still tryna love me
All I ask’s just trust me
All I ask is you trust me, girl