Текст песни ...Black Is - Kid Astronaut

  • Исполнитель: Kid Astronaut

  • Альбом: ...Black is Single

  • Дата выпуска: 2020-11-03

Black body
Black knowledge
Black rhythm
Black vision
Black soul
Black feeling
Black honey
Black is love
Black children
You’re the heartbeat of the sun
My God
Black is...

I said you’re beautiful
You know it’s sinking in
First time you saw Roots realized your path is different
They always try to take from you
But what’s created from you can’t be replicated duplicated nah
This my love note
To the skin I’m walking in
This is my hope
Don’t lose sight of all you’re putting in
Though this world may try and break you
God didn’t make you -
Into anything less than perfection

Black body
Black girl
Black boy
Black music
Black Art
Black Joy
Black sadness
Black pain
Black tears
Black hopes
Black fear

Black single
Black couple
Black thought
Black freedom
Black captive
Black mom
Black dad
Black King
Black Queen
You’re the heartbeat of the...

I’ve begun to search an innervision
Though my heart was prisoned
I’ve been lifted
We might not be perfect but we strive for it
In the recesses of darkness
That’s right where your God is
Said she loves you created you like an art project
This is for the Maya Angelou’s to the Marcus Garvey’s
From the Dave Chappelle’s to Amaru and Z
From Assata Shakur to Solanges
Said just trust the process
You know that your Black is...

Black singer
Black poet
Black dance
Black vibe
Black smoker
Black chant
Black neon
Black future
Black past
You’re the heartbeat of the...

Black time
Black rhyme
Black reason
Black people
Black student
Black teacher
Black preacher
Black griot
Black Mage
You’re the heartbeat of the sun