Текст песни Chop It Up, Pt. 3 - Mitch Darrell & Kris Noel (Ft. Alcott, DJLC, Monster Tarver & Sean Wyckoff)

Chop it up, heh-heh
We on part three already, that's crazy
I hear we got six rappers on here, six? Hoo-hoo, I can't wait
I—oh wait, I'm up first, Mitch Darrell (Poetics bring the drums in)

I can take you all out quick like speed dates
Funny that you think you won't pay like cheapskates
Hope my whole team goes far like a free play
Rap most don't make it right like a cheesesteak (Uh-huh)
I got the cheat codes like the game sharks
Smart raps, I'm too bright like a quasar
Homie, if you're tryna start beef like steaks are
Situation gotta go left like race car
Choppin' like a chef and I gotta think I'm the best
I'ma slaughter the beat and get to the top and won't break a sweat (Uh-huh)
Caught up with the vets and they look at me like a threat
'Cause I'm hot as a cigarette, got 'em shook and I got 'em vexed (That's facts)
Rappin' that I'll clap at you lyrically, I mean, y'all gotta fear in me
None of y'all even nearin' my biggest verse of the year, and see
I'm a Christian who spiritually killed the beat, no conspiracy
I be spittin' satirically, so I hope that you hearin' me

Keepin' the peace like I'm supposed to, but the flow is homicidal
Go step into a ring with a gorilla, the homie liable
Never liable, lion, I fight a bull, undeniable (Uh-uh)
Laughin' at 'em when they try to hop on a wave, that's some writable (Sheesh)
Look at the fame and now they happy at the sight of it
I been behind the curtain and what I seen made me vomited
Bien conecta'o como LEGO, yeah
No tengo tiempo pa'l juego, yeah
Well, see, my time was some fuss I was never supposed to be with in the first place
Look at the clap, look at the time wasted
Really got carin', so go back around, it shook me up like an earthquake
Devil shoot, but I bend back like the Matrix
Nothin' the baddest and similar, bodie
We go together like bottles of bleach and vinegar
I seen a lot of actin' outside of the cinema
Sumo with the slap when I push 'em out my perimeter (Ayy)

Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up, chop it up (Ayy)

Ayy, look, pickin' a pocket, I got to pick up the profit
Talkin' how I'm talkin', I ain't talkin' that often
But once upon a time in a little old valley
He went "Dum, di-dee-dum, di-dee-dum"
"Where is he from, is he from, is he from?"
From the low, from the cold, from the East side
Feel of demons that he eatin', turn the beat up
Gotta beast, uh, gotta speed up, gotta go
'Cause the bullets, the bullets be flyin', feel like I been on the grind
Feel like I been movin', but they move like a Decepticon
And I'm Autobot, and I'm really known to kill it by the grace of God
Yeah, took me from a man to a king, through the bad, through the rain
To a master of pain, now I'm back in the game
Like "What up?", uh
Look, rappin' should be fun, now shut up

If rap should be fun, I'm the buzzkill
About to make it competitive, I don't care how you chumps feel
Unreal, dumb skill, rain down on top of the opposition
Condition like a critical, your battle pretty uphill, yeah
I have the high ground, Obi-Wan Kenobi wit' it, don't try it
Tip a flow, quick, cut it off and it's so fire, oh my
I think that I'ma do this forever, I guarantee that I won't tire (Yeah)
Stamina unmatched, examine a man wit' a hunchback
From carryin' every track I'm on, I run that, yes, I'm in the building
You ain't even allowed in, it's like you was unvaxxed in blue States
In a class of my own, I don't even have schoolmates, I'm you, hey
Don't really matter what fools think, discount 'em
They get to sellin' reduced rates, I'm generous today

Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up, chop it up (Ayy)

Now my rappers wanna make it for all like marijuana to sell
And all the guns, shoulda rocked it like you dealin' wit' a monster
Mastermind who pass the time with blaster rhymes
You asinine, you match your mind (Let's go)
Turn it to Hannibal, I'm a cannibal
When I get on the mic, I'm an animal, I'm uncannable
When they givin' it love like a planet become botanical
When they give it right to the man, it become compatible (Woo)
Who's the man? I'm Superman with no Kryptonite
Movin' planets, who can plan when I grip the mic?
You can plan it, if your plans up, don't sit with Christ
You can plan it too, a planet don't get the like (Monster)
I been on the grind like a subway
Tryna stick to the plan, it's hardest, and I don't do subs
But I guarantee that you'll get a wrap like it's sandwich orders

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I flow today, yeah
Step up in the building when I kill 'em with the vision
Let's go today, why do you wanna play about me?
I'm about to tell you where the team been
Yeah, like how the smooth boy 'bout to get up on a track
'Cause I'm stayin' in my pocket, but I never take a sack
Takin' a lap and I backtrack, 'cause these demons wack
If you wanna see the squad, I'ma tell you where they at, yeah
Give me thirty seconds, I'ma play it like a TikTok
One, two, let's go, treat it like a pit stop
All these other rappers always starin' at my wristwatch
While I'm thinkin' 'bout my big God
Kill 'em with the speed like I'm battlin' Sonic
I'm out of tone, but these lyrics is honest
I got a spirit of honest, nobody knock in the comments
Now everybody want profits, I'm 'bout to tell 'em God got it, hit the road, yeah (Sheesh)

Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up (Yeah)
Chop it up (Ayy), chop it up, chop it up (Ayy)