Текст песни Battle! Kieran WITH LYRICS - Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Cover - Juno Songs

  • Исполнитель: Juno Songs

  • Альбом: Music of the World of Pokémon

  • Дата выпуска: 2023-09-30

Battle me
If you win, I'll give you back the mask
So c'mon... Battle me already!
OK... Let's do this, then
Get to your position
I'm not gonna hold anything back, you hear me!

I know this isn't right, but... I can't just hand over the mask to you!

You knew how much I loved the ogre
Yet you felt the need to hide
Keep inside
The truth that you deny

If your idea of a twisted joke's
To live my dream and lie
Then you're no better than the bad guys
Leaving me out to dry
So then, why?

Am I a weakling in your eyes?
Is that why you cast me aside?
You're both laughing
Wearing masks to hide your true feelings about me
As you take what's mine!

You put one hand out in friendship
Your other, holding a dagger
Well, the both of you don't have to keep on pretending
You should've told me straight
You hate me, that'd be better!

I need to get this right... I'm gonna make sure to give the right commands!

You think that just because you're stronger
You can just decide for me
What I see
And what keeps out my sight

I know opposing you is wrong
But what you did, too, wasn't right!
I won't give up this mask without a fight!
To heal my heartache from the spite

Of betrayal
By the first from foreign lands to call me a friend
Am I so frail
That you find it fun to lead me on
And turn your back, and play pretend?

You wield your friends superiorly
You never take your eyes off your opponent
My sister wields her seniority
And both of you
Keep me down on one knee bent

What can't you do? You're like the hero in a story...

I can't allow myself to fail again
Not after what you've done
'Cause the strong
Always get what they want!

It's clear that might makes right
And heals the pain;
I see the strength you flaunt
But I can't lose again
My weakness haunts me
And taunts me;
Only one thought:

You'd respect me
If I were as strong as you, then you wouldn't lie
To "protect" me
And you'd let me live my dream
You wouldn't stand before me
And decry

"Kiki, shut up! Go find someplace else to be!"
"Kiki, you are such a baby! Don't you give me that lip!”
I wish I were stronger, so I could be free
Of your dishonesty and doubt
And earn the ogre's friendship!

No, nonono...
Why...? Why can't I be as good as you...

Aw... man...