Текст песни Hi... - Mystic

  • Исполнитель: Mystic

  • Дата выпуска: 2022-05-27

(Something’s in the–)

Hi hi David goes
Pop pop dub blows
Running for the new car
Gonna be a mega star
Stop by the local bar
Bring the can open jar
Snipe him got the score
Gonna be a superstar
Gotta get my beanie
Don't be a meanie
Everybody knows you look worse in bikini
Yeah names Dabehh give me a martini
Gotta get my little keys man there so teeny
Pop pop poppin off
Dub dub going soft
Living at a small house
Stand up open shout
Man I got the facts, facts, facts yeah all that
Hanging with the boys
We make a lot of noise
We buy a bunch of toys that wе really enjoy
I get thе employ with all of my joy
We play fortnite and we just destroy
Got a new skin made from berlin
Press play match up and I get the win
Sneak in sneak out do it from within
This chin on my skin has a big fat fin
Yeah, rushing to jersey mikes
Gonna be a real fight
Get in get out subway takeout
Number of drinks let me stop and count
Oh wait…
I'm looking outside man it's about to storm
My girl asks, “hey babe a-a-are you sure?”
“Hold on babe I’m about to get this dub”
My boys walk in and I'm all like, “yo wassup!”
I say, “I love you babe till the day i die”
She says, “Don’t worry babe we’ll be just fine”
Man, I'm gettin crazy!

It’s strange the way my voice can go up
Maybe it’s just good luck
And I chat with my teacher
And talk about how I just suck
Maybe I’m out to start a new
Nobody can walk in your shoes
Maybe your just like me
And your destined just to lose
Cause if you mess up, we all might have to try again
Along the way
I think I found myself a new friend
It’s strange the way we can mess up
We’re just men
Yeah, we’re just men
I hear another beat!

Once upon a time in cinnamon teal
I was wondering what the big freaking deal?
Me and my bros
Went looking for a bear last night
But it turns out that we were far from right
Every Friday night we watch ‘Judy Moody’
And when it was over
My dad would get my giddies
Sometimes we drive by places that are amazing
Such as it’s going to be a gas station
Every time I make sandwiches
And I cut em up into little bits
Not like dad who has the tickle shi-
Yeah, lemme talk about the game now…

Just looted that house
Got all the meds now we heading down south
Get in the car, grab it
And fuel it up with gas
I'll beat you in a 1v1
And call you trash
Next season coming up
Save my V-Bucks
Win a 1v4 with all my good luck
Now I’m heading to the next zone
Gotta hire a bounty so i won't be alone
Oh wait, I forgot my scar
No worries I’ll drive and get it in my car
360 no scoping all the time
I even no scoped you with these sick rhymes
I tell you to 1v1 but your late
That's because every move you make is fake
Try and snipe me, oh wait you can’t
I knocked you all you can do is rant
Now we late in salty towers
Snipin people for what seems like hours
I'm gonna snipe you, yeah that's for sure
And when I do I’ll shout yessir!
Now we movin all the way to Weeping Woods
You missed your snipes, oh yeah you wish you could
I’ll snipe you so hard you’ll get down
Just like your skin who is a clown
Yeah I got them “vic roys” for days
Yeet, YEET YEET YEET is what I’ll say!
So much it’ll be day
Yeah Fortnite Fortnite your about to go night night
1v1 you so hard it’ll be a real fight
Yeah this isn’t a game
I hope you can agree with me the exact same
Yeah down all the way to the final circle
Your face is the storm which is the color purple
Yeah I said you look like Thanos
I’ll snipe ya so hard you’ll be blasted to the east coast
Yeah I got kills 1, 2, 3 and 4
I got so many kills I’m gettin the score
Limited time modes is what I’ll play
Same as floor is lava which is super gay
Yeah the last guy downed
Punch him so hard he’ll be lost and found
Yeah that’s right that’s my story
Don’t believe me it sounds boring
But hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY!

That’s the meaning of corny