Текст песни I Am Me, Not... Srry - Showjoe

  • Исполнитель: Showjoe

  • Альбом: Weirdo

  • Дата выпуска:

"I'm Showjoe!!!

Tryna tell me that I fell off, "Showjoe so irrevelant"
They don't wanna see me shine, they tryn' get me out my element
And they always call me arrogant, on the real I was
Started focusing on money, next thing you know, I started getting it

Pockets lookin' excellent, pockets fat like elephants
She give me good brain, that's how I get my intelligence
Same ones that be hatin' on me, really be my sons
Don't know why they hate on me, I got it out the mud

They threw dirt on my name, still stood as an inspiration
Speaking on my situation with out all the information
These niggas be females, these niggas be instigatin'
Came from working in the basement, to sellin' out off entertainment

These niggas think that I made it, I'an did shit yet, my feet still stuck to the pavement
Smile in my face but, these niggas don't fuck with me
Yeah right now, it's pretty 'cause I got it out the ugly, you don't really fuck with me

If I release it's "Foreign Drip"
Now everyday I wake up, open my eyes in the morning lit
And my drip, it been foreign
I could make a fortune, just off a recording, brand new whip, it's roaring, I'm ballin like Jordan

Ballin' like Lebron James
He think he a shooter now, cause he went to the gun range
Just cause you got bad grades, don't make you a rapper (Simple)
"Showjoe, you so fye." calm down, this is just the intro

No bullshit, I made this song an hour before the drop
Apolgies to all my fans, a few songs didn't make it though
Made so many hits, I had to split an EP off the album
Kept a couple in the vault, just so I could make it go

"Showjoe you so fye, like"
This is just the intro, This is just the intro, This is just the intro

I just had to speak on some shit real quick (This is just the intro)
Make sure you listen closely though
Make sure you listen to the rest of the songs closly though
Cause I was speaking facts (For Real)