Текст песни Why Not Morty + Rick - DOTWAV Media (Ft. ​jopippins, Mike Moon, Renzo Suburbn & Sonny Miles)

Nigga with the wav so the flow poseidon
Can ya hear me now it’s the old verizon
Said the flow was timeless, got the remedy
Now he comin at the neck never timidly
Look how i rock, yosemite
Human straws tryna suck all my energy
All night in the stu, boy! 10 to 3
I’ll be damned if a nigga think he ending me
I had a job yesterday shit it’s gone now
Macaulay Culkin man i’m home all alone now
Cover 2, yeah the boy in a zone now
Gettin flashy, got these niggas pulling phones out
Any harmony, ima dog it’s a bone now
Too raw, light it up, it’s a cone now
Look at the seat that we sitting issa throne now
Tell me is you picking up what i’m throwin down

Trade in the Traders for a new Lazer, Know why
Never no favors, Time we could savor, Oh I
Frequent a bar here, rollin my car clear, buyin
Making a new life, i don’t recall steer, diving
Near all my exits, you coulda guessed it, wreckin
On an ol 40, ain't enough restin, checkin
Better than deskin’, who you impressin?
Nigga’s a cold mine
There ain’t no stressin’

Band got 6 arms cut you like a swiss arm wave roll tide with a Kraken
It’s simple with math you skip and you add and Renzo don’t worry bout fractions
You reap what you sow, and you sow what you reap why you all in the streets like a crackhead
Never judge a nigga no Mathis
You niggas getting punked I’m Ashton
If a nigga get the pump I’m ashing, Ketchum
Masked up so they can’t sketch em
Made your nigga bend it like Beckham
Had to give him back go fetch him bitch
I’ll put a whole row of teeth in my fist
I need a lot more mills in my dish
No sweat wet when I’m in the mosh pit
Can’t do another shift think i might split

Woke up in the lab, Frankenstein I am
I take a stand, they say “I’ll be damned”
Had to cancel plans just for her advances
I smoke my plant and let her take advantage
Talk to me nice, my heart is damaged
A+ baby, I’m never average
I don’t come cheap like flights to Paris
I seek energy that’ll give me answers
You look just like everything I need
Hold thy peace, never get to speak
You can hold my piece, just not for free
Get off your knees like you praying to Jesus
I talk my shit then get in between
You know closed mouths never get to eat
She just found out that we don’t compete
I let her cum first cause it’s chivalry