Текст песни Mena (Sikkis On The Planet Outro) - G-Eazy

  • Исполнитель: G-Eazy

  • Альбом: The Sikkis On The Planet

  • Дата выпуска: 2009-02-15

Sikkisclothing.com man
G-Eazy, the Sikkis On The Planet Mixtape managed that
Heat, straight heat, we droppin' that heat just to spring around
It's comin' soon bro
In two, three weeks, I got you
You know what I'm saying I'll be the new Sikkis
Sikkisclothes in the stores right now
Trafic boutique, you know I'm saying
G-Eazy held it down, you know I'm saying
Sanchez, CO, Mad Fresh, you know I'm saying
Coco, my cousin Jake, he fucks with you man
You know I'm saying
You know I'm saying
This is the Sikkis On The Planet Mixtape
G-Eazy, man we hold it down, just grindin'
On young niggas we grinding
Sikkisclothing.com, that's all that I'm saying
Sikkisclothing.com, bruh get your motherfucking bruh
Niggas need to realise bruh, we not playin' over here
We not playin', we not stoppin'
We taking off on y'all niggas man
Better be ready to dust
Sanchez, eat dust
That's what I'm saying