Текст песни Pretty Picture - RATKING

  • Исполнитель: RATKING

  • Альбом: Wiki93

  • Дата выпуска: 2012-01-01

See children
What does it all mean?
It means that dirty money never brings any luck, nah
It only brings misery, despair, and disgrace

(Verse 1)
I know Tribeca kids seen more bodies than a thug
9/11 Yo this shit was bugged
Two bugs splat assed under Brooklyn
To a lot of cats looking back thats all it was
Thinking that we won, Thinking that we done
Tell that shit to my pops cus'
What its like a city slicker gritty ripper
Of silly stickers or city fixtures (what, what)
A philly splitter
Had to wait ass gravitate to a pretty figure
Gave me wood rub and tug enough for fifty splinters
All these little biddys up in my little bitty fingers
We some mutts mick spic skinny niggas
Say word if these words paint a pretty picture

So every mother with a stroller Eyeing me when I roll up
Know your kids gonna be just like me when he grows up
Just watch as he gets older saggy pants slang lang and ain't kosher
Coming home late to dinner he ain't sober
Don't blame it on the way that Wiki do's it
New York will leave you gritty and foolish its our city influence
The same stupid kids on your stoop getting zooted
What you gonna do bitch? You don't wanna move bitch
In a metropolis where its getting polished but its still ruthless

City Slicker, Gritty ripper
Philly splitter, Guinea nigga
Trouble in my eyes
City fixture
Say word if these words paint a pretty picture

(Verse 2)
Yous just an average ass cat with a gun they let you shoot
Protecting who? Strictly for the revenue
Always hear "Hey get over here!"
Brings me total fear when it goes in my ear
Even when I'm sober and clear
Its like they see the trouble in my eyes
I'm drunk so every cop I see double in my eyes
Against the car thinking of my rebuttal but I'm high
So I can't think of an enough subtle of a lie
Who am I hurting? Why are you searching? Why are you
Ruining my day? Aren't you learning?
You don't make no difference just take those tickets
Make your living taking his living
I hate it ain't wit it, Nah
My boy sold he got taken right in its
Like I use to sell weed but it all went to my head
Not for real though I smoked it all, ended up in debt
Told my connect, robbed by some veteran thats vexed
But I write on point my rhetorics the best
With the soul of a five point resident and stressed
Every time I spit a five point tenement gets (?)
But that don't matter now pending for arrest
Murdered some tourist who wouldn't lend me cigarettes
Betting that I get
Life in prison might be spitting bull shit if you like it listen hype the vision
Hyper off that hypertension DT's got sniper vision I ain't kidding
Block been hot since 9/11


We some mutts thinking that we done dumb
We some mutts we some mutts we some mutts