Текст песни MC - Origin Crxss

  • Исполнитель: Origin Crxss

  • Дата выпуска: 2015-08-08

Yea, are you ready hmhmhm

Prepare for
A close encounter of the word kind
From a nerd mind
Border line absurd rhymes
Have you heard mine
Im a word mine
So devine
When I'm rapping in time
Take a lyric back flip it
That's an Oreo now
Bout to turn up the volume
Like an audio dial
They asking for the belt
But they been naughty a while
I been off Santa's list
I'm even naughtier now
I was good as a child
But that empty Christmas tree
Will turn smile to a frown
I am now a
Dedicated black man on the scene
And I been pushing hard
Now I'm cumming like a wet dream
All in your face
I'm all over the place
Straight invading your space
Lately u haven't heard of me (uh)
I will stomp a beat
Like a freaking fraternity
Have ur head banging
Till it need a maternity
Leave please ima real MC
Trust me, I am worse than a beast
Pop off like sesame seeds
Please keep investing in me
These rappers is sweet
Tasting like Tahitian Treat
I'm straight off sesame street
What will me destiny be (cookie)
If i keep killing these beats
I'll make death eat, defeat
Live on through my legacy
I'll chop these hams into meat
On my sandwich u see
I just happen to be
A nympho a freak
On feminine felines I eat
And I am feeling a feast
Believe I'm repping the east
I got stripes like a candy cane
And ima be a nuisance till
They hang me from tree
I won't leave
Hold up while I need to breathe
Ima sicka sicka microphone killer
Treat it like a stripper
Call me jack the ripper
But iller
Turn this pen and pad
Into thrilla in Manila
Go gorilla stacking millions (ooh)
Better yet billions building
Trillions to the ceiling
Fill up safes like a pervert
Eat these rappers like some sherbet
Share em with my cohorts
Then we'll up a case
And battle at the capitol
From the motor city
What would any other rapper do
For us
Flowing so easy
That the beat must be porous (unh)
Call me Origin
I'm the same as none before us
Living with a surplus
Who can ever service
A bus, a truck
That make u tuck
And duck under a table
With your tail beneath your butt
And nuts
So I'm raising my cup up
In victory
The chalice of the champ
Won't be stripped from me
So y'all need to do things differently
Success is the best
Type of recipe
And I must admit
Realest one of the kids
And I gotta get it
Sorry can't predict when
But ima win no matter what
Cuz I'm blessed no luck
I'm a dog amongst mutts
Under dog among runts
I will never get stuck
Walk straight up out a rut
Smoking like a philly blunt
Or the biker boy more so
I'm a king korso
With the claws out
Ripping straight through your torso
Shred it like the turtles
Turning bodies into morsels
Leave a man holy
Have him feeling like a portal
Like hulk Hogan
Want my name to be immortal
And it's going to
Endure, cuz I'm pure
Talent, a germ with no cure
When I tell em play they role
Turn a rapper to an actress
If I lay it out plain
Ud be sleeping on a mattress
And trust me when I make it
They'll be under cover acting
But looking counter clockwise
You'll never find a backspin



Y'all thought I was finished

I ain't done

Popping at the mouth
Like the mother with the bad son
If we talking beats
I got this switch as a weapon
Pants around they knees
And I ain't talking short ones
I be lashing out
Watch em as they curl up
Fetal position
From my written composition
I am stiff as competition
And I'll give them the finger
Like I'm tending to my misses
Take care of these women
Knock em dead like the mistress
Ain't no foiling me
I'll wrap em up like Hershey's kisses
Hold up wait a minute
Break it down like intermission
I'm heated from the core
That's what I call an intervention
Got me charged up
Like fees and tuition
Lying at the door
Like u ain't paying ur admission
Man truth be told
U ain't worthy of admittance
I'm the sickest and freshest
I'm the illest and the defest
I'm the teacher and lesson
Don't need no referee
Cuz I'm the boss and I'm the reference
Refer you to a bud
Cuz I'm weeding out the presence
Of the reggie from the bush
I'm sure I was selected
As the best drug to be took
Cuz I'll have you feeling right
Mess around and have u hooked
Like the chorus of a song
Or a Meghan Good look
This teen titan
Make em boo ya like cyborg
Killed so many beats
That I vaca in my morgue
Rappers raise the roof
But I'm a MC
So I'm raising that and high floors
Pulling this weight
Like a stopped clock in my Ford
F-150 so I'm something like a porn star
Never catch me boosting
So I'll never let my motor stop
Nothing less than full throttle
I was made to go far
Like a motor boat
On this fine chick wit no bra

I got y'all
Let's go