Текст песни - Reggie Rude (Ft. Desmond Owens, & Punk Adams)

(Verse 1)
We was the case of right people at the wrong time
Perhaps "I'm sorry" was the wrong line
Perhaps, "I'll wait for the right tune"
Was more so me waiting for the right moon
Cause you was my sun I swooned for your bliss
Not realizing we had reached our eclipse
I wasn't used to all the openness and shit
And once I was, you was over it, the hurdles were enormous and it swarmed us in
Too explosive to stand on my own ground
I cowered in fear of not having you around
You was desensitized from crying eyes
Too emotionless to notice our goodbyes

Whatever I need to do, to get to you, i'll do

(Verse 2)
I disrespected you with repeat offenses
But felt safe when physicality in question
I went astray because I was hurt over what you betrayed
But didn't realize revenge would break what we made
Instead of conversing and nursing to get us again
We was cursing and fucking just to hide the pain
It was unhealthy and I realize now
I should've been the man you needed and not the one that you really thought held you down
I get that now
Age does wonders to the psyche
So in spite me, I want you to be happy with how your life be
And just maybe, one day we can revisit labels
Turn enemies into friends, friends into some babies
From Twitter subs to at "bae", sort of like where you kept me
When the distance was lengthy
And all these thoughts hate me
From emotional to physical
When all that foul shit would spew from your dental
The pain was monumental
As I'm sitting here worrying bout future plaques
You was worrying about what words would just floss through my mental
And I get it, but learn from your past or it'll cost you
So I keep your t-shirt as a memento of where I lost you
(Whatever I need to do)
To beat the odds
You play the devil's hands if only you can cheat the cards, ah
I will be there if you only let me
Forever Queen ?, Lord Reggie

(Conscience Outro)
Iight, so we covered 2014. Lets take this to 2016 now

Part II

?: Tyler, i'm not doing that, no
Tyler: Yes
?: No
Tyler: Yes
?: No
?: Thats-how is that fair? You've done worse things and I haven't made you do that, so don't do that

(Verse 1: Reggie Rude)
You let that nigga disrespect me that's why I had to check him
And he wouldn't say nothing in person cause he isn't reckless
That's off the checklist, but its because of you we estranged
I detest it, but "Moons Novocain II" was prohpetic
I predicted the ending, too oblivious to the message
You didn't want to work with me, you just wanted to flex it
To look better, like gold links off the chest is
You still a blessing, our time was tragic but still festive
That's the magic
You betrayed us by talking sideways
Throwing subs like you was 16 still clouding up my space
Like a scorned woman, you talk greasy all in my face
Had to wash you off, but you still find your way in to my mind's frame
You still my brother
My best friend, unconditional lover
I guess our path is just too muddled with discomfort
And it's too much, but in time we'll find forgiveness of course
I just gotta tell this story to get it off my heart
"Moons Novocaine 3"

(Chorus: Punk Adams & Desmond Owens)
Is it the way you love me baby?
Is it the way you love me baby?
Is it the way you love me baby?

(Conscience Outro)
Iight bro so we here...2018. We moving on to what happened in Atlanta or we saving it? Saving it? Iight bet, she was trash anyway. Oh, don't forget though bro, he's still on his way