Текст песни Canon - Brandon Nembhard

This one's a bit dramatic, but

Ayy, I never knew why we act so surprised
Being switched to secondary from legacy
Never lacked this energy, that's entropy
They just learned from Captain Price
The revolution might be advertised
But as long as my family's good
My friends are good, the self is good
The bag could never be sample sized
On my Ps and Qs but I'm out of line (Out of line)
You're out of touch (Touch)
Nembhard's letting it cook, pass the Dutch (Woo)
I'm frank when it comes to looks with the crutch (Yeah, yeah)
But I never did claim I was born and raised in a tenement yard
What you maintain's what sets you apart
Been in the paint like Renaissance art (Art)
Every day's a new canvas, practice
When you're only living in transit
Came from the clear like cash is
Hand to hand, the mandem part the masses
The active aren't too far from old attractions, trust me
Just get planning again (Again)
And I might say this every verse (Verse)
But the pain was a canon event
Although it spoke in the past tense
The heart might slam in your chest
It's either that or you're dead
So while you're alive, instead of just standing aside
Doing eye for an eye, put life to the test (Test)
We know that we have the wisdom
But too many think of an idea
Put the dots together, then draw a line through it
'Cause they're still lacking the vision
Ayy, but remember, don't force it
Won't change your fate, you'll cause it
Like an ace of spades in a deck
There's one of four ways you'll end up important
One way is getting more talking
Next way is play up on shortage
Third way's play it in corporate
And the fourth is being hare or tortoise
We were taught this when we walked in courses
But of course we never heeded caution
Ignored them till we couldn't move forward
But that's not my portion (No, it's not)
The scene's being extorted
Now no one's climbing a mountain
Yet everyone's dressed in GORE-TEX (Haha), ah
If I split this sixteen up, they'll say I ate meals for two
In a room, it's a point and shoot
And nobody cares till it's aimed at you
Schrödinger's cat in a box
Well, watch me act how they say we do
So mind, who've taken two
A reflection of self or so they assume (Yeah)