Текст песни Yung Gods/No Static - Trippy Tyler (Ft. A.K. (Uncle-A))

I used to want my closet to be filled with shoes but shit
Now I'm tryina turn my closet into a lyrical killing booth, young god
You can feel my presence, whenever I'm entering the room, disrespect, hit up St. Nick and I promise you won't get no mother fucking presents coming through
I'm a high higher power no disguise I'm just a writer slash beat street fighter
Defeat you with a cypher, brain got damaged like you got hit with a swift Kimbo Slice right hook, I'm a, word MacGyver, third eye is done being so mild, survivor of blocks of them writers, I'm writing till I got arthritis, my mileage is never dialed, imagination of a child's with dedication of a starving lion's so, Imma go wild, like Thornberry, scorch every beat, we just torch or us ft. and do torturous things, Quentin Taranteen deleted scenes with no sneak peek, that was defeat of what you fuckin' think of me, john doe when this ink meets this sheet

We're just young gods, with no flaws, agnostic prophets with more knowledge than Nostradamus the fucking world is ours

You don't wanna fuck, with me
No abstinence, I'm badder than Michael J. Jackson or accidents leading to ambulance scatterin', or these religious antagonists, tell me your practices, dissin' this meet your deaths catalyst, madder than hatters of Alice or you when I called out your Vatican, fuck yolo when I die imma come back again
Like lateral passing it, athletic rappin' shit, im runnin' laps on them, ashin' and cashin' this blunt that is fatter than asses of pregnant Kardashian's, fucking your system like pathogens, after you battled them, shit, battle this, and I'll get a casket just to catch you with bitch

Why don't you meet me at the crossroads? We can post up toe to toe until the devil shows
I can show you how to live, I could show you how it goes, Cause if I don't, life will have you staring at a calico
My knowledge stay weaponized, apocalyptic genocide, If you don't mind, hand over your mind and I'll lend you mine
Watch you shake and scream, from the thoughts and all the dreams that you'll witness first hand, my head never stays at ease
It so easy to lose reality in a dream state, Hit my nigga Zel ask him how I get a clean slate, Clean plates everywhere, I don't ever eat, delayed gratification, my nigga I would rather sleep
See if I could go so high, I witness another life, With only inhaling this life, well fuck it I'm living twice, Think twice before you cross me, double-tap if you gon kill me, and pour concrete over my casket, yo world can never seal me, mother fucka