Текст песни SPACESHIPS - Kid Astronaut

  • Исполнитель: Kid Astronaut

  • Альбом: ALCHEMY

  • Дата выпуска: 2015-11-15

I’ve been thinking about
A new hideaway
A new great escape
Somewhere that where we could go

You and I are now
Where we‘ve never been
But you don’t like to take shit slow

Run away with me (we can go to another place)
Know you’d rather be (way up there in outer space)
Run away with me (to another time and place)
I know the way

Take a ride up in my spaceship groove
Through the galaxy
Take a ride up in my spaceship move
Baby can't you see

That you are, you are, you are
Oh you're a star
Said you are you are you are
You're a star babe
Yes you are babe

I’ve been thinking bout a place for you and I
There’s no need to worry
In light speed we live our lives
Away from all the problems away from all the cares
In our spaceship groove
I can take you there