Текст песни Spiral Freestyle - Kaelar

  • Исполнитель: Kaelar

  • Дата выпуска: 2020-11-07

Shoutout Logic

‘bout to install my vinyl, you think straight, I spiral
I spiral you can fuck off and my decision’s final
Ask me how I’m feeling, how the fuck should I know
My feelings, like my thoughts, they twist and twirl
They swirl in a sick merry go round circle
But the result is a shimmering or glistening pearl
I keep fidgeting my pencil between my fingers, euhhrr
I get sick of listening to bitches burble
All these mumbling fucks
I insist you shut the fuck up, while I gurgle
This flow and spit it in your face, hope it turns you verbal
I’ll fucking choke you ‘till your phiz is purple
I’m getting sick of you all and I thinks it’s universal
That makes you COVID-20, you little bitches
You better swallow, ‘cuz you all suck at spitting
I’m straight slaying shit, it’s ridiculous
Guzzle this beat up, it’s fucking delicious
Twitch Tape Volume 1, got me snacking
Shoutout Logic, everyone be lacking
5 beats off the stream got me fucking jamming
You ain’t gotta be logical to know I’ll be slapping
I’m snapping, attacking, while I’m chilling, relaxing
Roll a spliff up, while I’m spitting, then I hit it, start laughing
It’s slowing down my system, got me twitching, I’m l-lagging
My mind spinning like a fidget while rapping, hah!
Spazzing on instrumentals, you would think I was mental
Ate so many trash rappers, now concerned for my dental
I could off you in a second, just a flick of my pencil
I don’t forget shit, my memory’s a temple, sike
Bitch please, it’s more like Swiss cheese with centralized holes
There’s nothing left in my dome
My memory is a -, I don’t know, I forgot
I’m left thinking as a plant when I’m high off the pot, ha!